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so i spiraled and here it is, a deputy parrish/stiles fic ooops??? there’s lots of food and inappropriate convos with minors. thank you all for being awesome and for feeding my insanity~~
(1,833 words, post possession!stiles, PG)
kisses to celle, my quick a+ beta
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Parrish raises one eyebrow, not looking up from his work.

“I bet your name is Steve. There’s a very patriotic ring to your whole existence.”

He smiles, listening to Stiles listing a whole bunch of names that supposedly fit him. He’s been here for good half an hour, looking for his dad. When Parrish told him the Sheriff is out, he flopped on one of the chairs lined against the wall and after a few minutes of silence, he started amusing himself by trying to engage everyone around him - and that included Parrish - in a conversation that soon evolved to a guessing game.

“Why don’t you check my file or hack into our database?” Parrish interrupts when Stiles considers just calling him Prince. Jesus. “Aren’t you good at that?”

He chances a look at Stiles then, a bit slumped in his chair. He shrugs and waves a dismissive hand at him.

“I was. I am. Believe me, I would, but I was a little busy lately,” he says and Parrish nods, going back to his reports. There’s no point in bringing back what’s in the past, especially not what happened in the past few weeks. And Stiles has been spending an awful lot of time in the sheriff’s office after that. “So. Not Steve. Not Prince? Alright, just checking, don’t give me that unimpressed eyebrow.”

“Stop harassing my deputies,” the Sheriff says, appearing in front of Parrish’s desk. Parrish looks up, but sheriff’s eyes don’t leave his son’s face as he asks, “Everything okay, deputy Parrish?”

“Yes, sir,” he answers dutifully.

Stiles disappears in his father’s office and that’s that.

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Soooo…not a prompt fill but the other days Becky & Megs were talking about a D/S Parrish/Stiles scene where Stiles is experiencing sub drop and Parrish recognizes the signs, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. They gave me the okay to write it, so here it is!

Stiles’ hands won’t stop shaking. He stares at them as he sits in his dad’s office, blinking slowly. He feels…off. His entire body’s heavy; he feels like he’s wrapped in gauze, the world around him muted and out of focus. Maybe he’s coming down with something, he thinks, turning his palms toward the ceiling and watching his fingers tremble. 

His dad’s not here. He’s supposed to be - he and Stiles are supposed to get dinner - but Deputy Kendrick was manning the front desk and told him he’d gone out on a call, and he wasn’t sure when he was coming back. At least, Stiles thinks that’s what Deputy Kendrick said; his voice had sounded like it was traveling to Stiles underwater, all blurred and unintelligible. Stiles should probably leave - his dad could be gone for hours - but it was hard enough getting out of the car and coming inside; now that he’s sitting, he’s not sure he could stand again. 

He’s not sure how much time passes before he realizes someone’s standing next to him saying his name. Stiles blinks tiredly, lifting his head to find Deputy Parrish standing next to him, a frown on his face. 

"Stiles," Parrish says again. "You okay?"

"I - " Stiles mouths wordlessly for a moment before dropping his gaze to his hands. "I don’t know what’s wrong with me."

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Just imagine Parrish walking into the Sheriff’s office and finding Stiles on the ground, pathetically slumped against the desk, wrist dangling from where it’s handcuffed. And he just leans against the door jam and crosses his arms, chuckling. And Stiles gives him a half-hearted glare from his position on the floor, looking rather like a kicked puppy. And Parrish laughs a little harder before saying, “Your dad told me what happened. He also told me that I was to, under no circumstances, let you out of those cuffs.” Then Stiles heaves a sigh, trying to get more comfortable, cause he’s actually really tired, now that their back home and the adrenaline is wearing off, and says, “I’m seriously starving here, dude.” Parrish gives him a considering look before pushing off the door jam and leaving the office and Stiles kinda wants to cry a little because he really is hungry but then Parrish is walking back into the office, unwrapping an sandwich as he crouches in front of Stiles. “Here,” Parrish says while handing the sandwich out to Stiles. Stiles grabs it with his free hand and immediately takes a huge bite out of it. He moans around the food in his mouth, eyes falling closed like this is the best thing he’s ever experienced. And Parrish has to lean back on his haunches a bit, trying to put more distance between himself and the tempting sight before him. When Stiles finally swallows the food in his mouth, he mutters, “I knew I liked you.” Parrish is really glad Stiles still has his eyes closed, head resting against the desk, so he can’t see the blush spreading across his cheeks.

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Teen Wolf - Lydia, Deputy Parrish, & Stiles 4x06 - Orphaned

Anyone who wants to see these clips of Monday’s episode with just the trio.

• stiles and parrish sneaking around behind sheriff’s back (⊙‿⊙✿
• stiles and parrish making out in the station’s utility closet (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ
• stiles and parrish researching together (but ditch it in favour of watching Star Wars) ʘ‿ʘ
• parrish helping stiles during a panic attack (ノ◕ω◕)ノ

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nobody gets stiles’ star wars references..except for parrish :)

inspired by this tumblr post!

From a strictly shipping pov, this half season was good for almost all ships.

Derek literally non-stop praising the ground Scott walks on

Lydia’s lady boners for Scott’s Alpha howls

Chris and Derek bonding sexily

Derek searching for Stiles in every episode and refusing to believe Aiden when he said Stiles was the nogitsune and then dreaming about Stiles

Malia and Lydia making eyes at each other and blushing

Scott and Kira being super cute buttheads and cuddling

Sheriff and Parrish flirting so much ohmygod

But then you remember that Allison is dead, and with her allydia, scallison, allisaac, stallison, and allira

And you’re sad again.

My thought's on tonight's Teen Wolf episode:
  1. I’m sure a fuck glad those little fucking teenage assassin motherfuckers finally died. I hope they stay dead.
  2. The Scott/Liam big bro/little bro feels were off the fucking chart. I almost cried.
  3. Stiles + Lydia forever. I do adore Malia, but Stydia is really my endgame. They’re just so cute together.
  4. Sassy Parrish is the best Parrish. Especially when he’s sassing someone who’s a dick to Stiles.
  5. I neeeeeeeed more Stiles/Parrish moments. Stiles can have friends outside of Scott & Starrish (if that’s not a thing, i’m making it one) would be a lovely brotp.
  6. Derek… the key to the dead pool… banshees predict death… no. just fucking no.
  7. Kate might be a worthless bitch, but at least she isn’t into killing her own brother. I’ll give her that.
  8. For like 2 seconds when Scott was waking up in the animal clinic I thought Deaton was about to be revealed as the Benefactor. No joke. I guess he’s just got a real suspicious voice?
  9. Where the fuck was Kira?
  10. I neeeeeeed some Sheriff/Momma McCall action. and I really want Agent McCall to know all about it and not be happy and then either Scott or Stiles (or both) point out that he can just get the fuck over it. Then I want him to realize they’re right and be cool about it.
  11. I want some more Derek/Malia cousin bonding.
  12. Peter, you fucking son of a bitch.

•stiles and parrish only calling each other by their last names

•stiles calling him Jay every other time

•stiles teaching parrish how to pronounce his first name

•stiles and parrish making cupcakes

•stiles skipping school to prank call jackson and isaac from the station while parrish fondly rolls his eyes and plays along

•stiles and parrish dOing things together