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Helena as a god


She loves the people, she does, but she is chaos and has always been and will always be so mote it be and sometimes they are difficult, these tick-ticking machines of anger-love-lust-sorrow-flesh. Sometimes Helena gets frustrated

(The people made a mistake of naming a city after her, once, filling it with temples and children; if the wind blows right, the air in the neighboring city still smells like ash.)

Send me characters and a situation and I will write you a three-sentence fic!

i thought of some cute helena headcanons today

instead of using pushchairs helena has those attachable baby vests where the baby is attached to the front of her and then another one on the back for her other baby so she’s sandwiched between the babies

she takes them to the bar and she sits in the middle on a bar stool and sits the babies carriers on either side of her and she has a bowl of pork rinds in front of them both and she has her white russian and they have a bottle of milk each

Midsummer Night's Dream

Hermia, Helena, Lysander, and Demetrius go up to the counter and have absolutely no idea what to order. The barista, cackling, gives them all his special blend of herbal tea. They stumble around the Starbucks for a good two hours before falling asleep on the sidewalk a block away from the store. They wake up, walk inside, and order the drinks that were obviously meant for them in the first place. The barista rolls his eyes, amused at the foolishness of mortals.


So sometime back last year drshebloggo posted this and I immediately knew I wanted make something about it because it’s brilliant. I’m only getting around to it now because motivation is an unreliable ass.

Shout out to sublimescribbles (x) and Dragon Age:Inquisition for awakening my dormant obsession with tarot card art. Damn you.