The Right Partner //

Midgard had certainly changed since Loki had been around last; the technology was more advanced, the wars more bloody and the rulers more insane. 

Loki didn’t know why he had chosen the Allies’ side in the second Great War, but after influencing the minds of several politicians into building a weapon that would even cause the armies of Asgard to shudder, he fell into the groove of dull mortal life and accepted it.

Peggy Carter was his newest disguise and she was fulfilling her role quite nicely. Easily becoming a British officer, Loki found himself enjoying the routines of the American military. The men were eager to please, especially if they were pleasing a pretty woman, something they had been starved of since becoming soldiers.

Loki watched as the new recruits stood at attention; Colonel Phillips gave a little sigh beside him, shaking his head at the shorter man trying to appear much taller than he was. “I think we’re gonna have our work cut out with these ones.”