Replies I got for the full nail sheet stickers:
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    courtneysmindgrapes answered: i, too, feel like i’d get a better sense of accomplishment and milage out of doing my own nail art
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    mizzmarissa answered: Fabulous idea; Love em! ^_^
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    maylenewould answered: I found them very MEH. Mine didnt last as long, but houndstooth can be a very strenuous design and can be a quick GO-TO if necessary.
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    missemmajane said: The Sally Hanson are really easy to apply, and they look great, the actual foil ones (which do look reakly awesome) have given me issues with getting the edges to stay down, think having round/pointy nails makes it harder to get them on without crinkling. The SH are great…
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    woopwoopwoooo answered: even though they look cool, i don’t feel like i accomplished anything if i use them. i would rather paint my own so i feel proud of them :)
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    nailsbyveryemily answered: I only like it when you can achieve something you can’t do with nail polish like with gold or silver Minx.
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    starlettapproved said: I have 2 salon effects that I still haven’t tried yet. It’s not as fun as doing something yourself. Pretty much waiting for that moment I have zero time to design my nails to use it.
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    camomilletea said: They’re not as fun as polish for sure. They’re only shortcuts ):
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    spikrgirl14 answered: love
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    rockyhead answered: I’ve never tried them, but I did get some cute ones for Fall in my September Birchbox that I wan to put on soon!

Thank you everyone who replied!

As for me, they are fine if you are lazy as heck, but I would still prefer just to nail polish my own fingers than waste $8 sum for a one time use.  To me, it isn’t nail art if you are using a sheet (sally hansen salon effects).  I find it cheating. I dislike it when people try to pass off a sheet as nails they actually did.  It takes the fun out of it. 

That’s just how I feel, and sorry if I had offended anyone with my take on it.