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1, 4, 7, 15, 25, 39, 36? Random numbers.

1. Picture of you

 4. Whats your favorite number?

7. How is the weather right now?
It’s been raining all day, and I love it.

15. Eye Color?
baby poop brown 

25. Chocolate or Vanilla?

39. Been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to do?
Of course I have, thus is life.

36. ??? I didn’t even notice that. 5 points for you :) 

starkred replied to your post:Hey, followers, is anyone watching Sailor Moon…

I can google it for you, what do you want to know?

Aww, thanks <3 It’s a silly little thing, really. I’ve seen a gifset suggesting Crystal is now, um, remaking Sailor Moon R, which is my favourite series. And now I want to watch relevant episodes. But I don’t want to read summaries of them while checking which are relevant. I remember the first anime, but I haven’t read the manga that far…

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Hera: opinion on feminism

“I’m all for feminism,” Steve stated without a moment of hesitation, “The fact women are still fighting to stand on equal footing with men is appalling. Every woman I met in the war was worth her weight in rubies. They dug just as deep, fought just as hard, and you’re now telling me that they don’t deserve the same wages or the right to decide what they do with their own bodies? Pardon my language but - Fuck that.”

Autonomous Android

|| starkred ||

There was really nothing for it. He’d managed to connect to his core programming long enough to know that Tony had noticed him shut down and had activated every failsafe he had only to come up empty. Which meant not only was he coming home with an awkward explanation for why he suddenly had a body, he was going to be doing so while his creator was already under duress.


Adjusting his tie, the android had little trouble locating Tony or making his way through the tower. He was, after all, the one who operated everything. His core was just….housed a little differently now. As such, stepping into the workshop was at once familiar and very, very odd. He was aware of what Tony was working on in a latent sense - what was more curious was the notion of having to step into the workshop rather than simply be there.

Shaking his head, Jarvis’ voice came forth from the android’s form with the usual levels of exasperation, “I’m offline no more than an hour and already you’re trying to implement the thrusters I told you would not be ready for another five. This is why I hate sleep mode you know.” Just why Tony was trying to upgrade his armor now he wasn’t entirely sure - though he suspected it might have to do with Tony tracing the warehouse he was built in and intending some mad solo mission to recover his AI tech.

Sounds about right. 

starkred replied to your post “teaberryblue replied to your post:time to blacklist cap 3, I guess.I’m…”

ive only seen steve in a nice suit - HO DAMN - there are spoilers already? thats super quick

well, this is the picture that prompted me to blacklist it :P
teaberryblue replied to your post “teaberryblue replied to your post:time to blacklist cap 3, I guess.I’m…”

It wasn’t– but mostly, for me, it’s not that it’s the spoilers so much as that we are going to get so fatigued if we start now.
I’m not super surprised, because people had such mixed feelings about AoU that it’s like “okay, move on to the next.”

Hm, I guess the fatigue aspect is personal. I just blacklist everything and only watch trailers :P But yeah, you’re right about AoU, that might explain it.
Long Way Home

|| starkred ||

He had been told to wait on the bench outside a cafe he was certain was familiar. There was a sense, disorienting and curious, that he had known happiness in this place once. 

Swallowing heavily, Edwin bowed his head and stared unseeingly at his hands, folded and trembling in his lap. Twenty four years was a long time to be dead, he supposed. It made sense he would forget things, like favorite places to take his tea. 

There was, of course, one thing he had not forgotten. Something no amount of testing and slicing could extract from his mind. Like a steel trap, he’d held on to his loyalty to the young Stark as everything else was lifted and pulled away, stripped from him like a fish against the fillet. He didn’t know much, but he did know that nothing could make him betray the Stark family - and that had to mean something, if the man who had rescued him was to be believed.

Sighing, Edwin raised his head and looked about himself, wondering if he really would be found, or if he was going to simply look like a doddering old fool who’d gone and wandered away from home. 

Which, in retrospect, wasn’t too far off from the truth, really. He was aware enough to know that his home was with the Starks - and though something told him the plural wasn’t right, he knew that this much was true. If he belonged anywhere, an odd old man turned loose from HYDRA’s science bay, it was with them. Assuming, of course, they picked him up.

Funny, how it all came back to that.

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au: High School

All of these are admittedly formed as part of a modern day highschool au I have with lostassassin that I still haven’t decided if I want to bring to tumblr lmfao.

  1. Steve comes from a single parent home. He and his mother both live on the ninth floor of a semi-secure apartment building in a one bedroom loft-style flat. Meaning that the ‘bedroom’ is on a open platform above the living room and kitchen area.

    The bedroom is Steve’s as his mother tends to be working insane hours at the hospital and more often than not sleeps there or passes out on the couch. It’s been this way for as long as Steve can remember.

    They live modestly, but they have ways of saving money and by the time Steve is fifteen and working part time at a fast food joint, they’ve got enough saved for Steve to go to college, though its a quiet argument between himself and his mother on whether or not that money would be better put to getting a nicer place - a mortgage instead of a rent.

  2. Steve is super autonomous by high school. He cooks, cleans and actually makes most of his clothes for school by utilizing his mother’s old wardrobe. As a result he tends to be something of a feminine looking hipster that can at times border on trashy in the summer months, but it spares his mother and himself additional hours for the money necessary to keep a teenager’s wardrobe full.

  3. Steve is scrawny as hell and suffers from asthma and anemia, but modern medicines are good at keeping him moderately healthy. His best friend is Bucky Barnes, which is probably the only reason he doesn’t end up picked up and tossed into dumpsters ala Kurt Hummel for both his scrawniness and his rather effeminate wardrobe.

  4. Steve is a drama kid. He lives for rehearsals, rocks the improv room and is ultimately a very art-oriented individual. When he isn’t drawing or painting, he’s method acting, practicing dance moves or working on his vocals for musical productions. He is, in a word, a total nerd. Though he prefers the term bohemian. (Doesn’t help.) 

  5. Steve is actually pretty charismatic and friendly, and doesn’t suffer from any sort of self-esteem issues. He’s skinny as hell and kinda unhealthy but he’s proud of who he is and won’t hesitate to try and impart that same self confidence on other people. Nor will he allow his size to keep him from doing anything he wants to do - be it auditioning for the tough guy lead role, or stepping up and confronting someone for being a dick. He does get into fights, he does get his ass handed to him, but he never regrets a damn thing. He believes in living life to the fullest and in making sure to always do his best for what he believes in, even if it sucks.

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au: Zombie Apocalypse

I don’t usually do zombies but - 

  1. Complete AU 

    Steve leads a small group of survivors that are of course analogous to the Avengers. There’s a couple of really smart guys, a couple of really fast and deadly ones, and a handful of civilians that don’t know their ass from a shotgun but are learning out of sheer desperation and need.

    The group is nomadic and never stays still for long. If there’s small areas of closed off civilization, then you can bet Steve and his chosen crew are the ones who gather survivors and drop them back off at base before scouring the country for more.

    He’s grim and direct and when it comes to taking the kill shot of a friend who is turning over, he never hesitates. He knows, better than anyone else on the crew, that hesitation isn’t just a dangerous risk, it’s a torment for the person who is turning to know at any given moment, they’re going to turn on the people they care about. Bucky screaming at him to end it is an agonized nightmare he can never escape, and he’s not going to add anyone else to the dreamscape. You get bit, he’ll put you down, fast and efficient no matter who you are to him, or anyone else on the crew.

  2. Nomad Headcanon #2

    Steve’s second in command is a true MacGyver who can think the crew out of just about any scenario and gun up almost as fast as the crews gunmen. He’s smart, he’s accurate, and the only thing deadlier than his aim is his sarcasm and wit. Pretty impressive for a complete drunk of a too-rich, partying ass before the world fell, but desperate times create desperate men, and Stark’s no different.  

    Like Steve, Stark doesn’t hesitate to take the kill shot on crew or caravan when they start to turn. Both of them are haunted by their inability to save the person closest to them, and have been made cold by it. They know its better to kill someone, than to make them live through the change. 

  3. Partial AU

    In a world where some militant idiot’s attempt at a super serum instead created fast acting, fine motor functioning zombis with a goddamn pack mentality, the Avengers lives are a whole new brand of hell. There are city centers all over the world that are armed against the infected, but humanity is losing.

    Steve and the others work on finding survivors and battling the zombies, but they keep Bruce in a center with Helen Cho, working on a reversal serum. Nobody wants to let him out of their sight - the last thing the world needs is a fast-zombie Hulk. Steve knows that Bruce is basically a prisoner, and does what he can to keep the man comfortable. Anything Bruce needs, Steve and the team find a way to acquire on their missions out.

    Steve has had to accept that the turned are no longer human. That until Bruce and Helen find a way to reverse the serum’s effects, the only way to protect what is left is to take down what has fallen. He has put down countless civilians, military officers, shield agents that have lost themselves to the madness of the disease, but there’s only one face that he remembers among the countless, and that’s the age ravaged creature that Peggy Carter became in her last moments.

  4. Fast Acting Zombie Headcanon #2

    When Steve is out with the other Avengers, he keeps a close eye on Clint. Time has worn everyone down, and everyone is fighting as much to stay alive as to preserve what little is left of the human race, but nobody on the team has the same desperation as Clint does. He’s the only one with a family back at the base, and Steve considers it his responsibility to make sure that the man comes back to them.

  5. Fast Acting Zombie Headcanon #3

    Steve and Natasha are the quickest ones to take the kill shot when someone in the caravan back to base starts to turn. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone on the team or someone they’ve just rescued. The moment that the changing starts, one of them finishes it to spare the others from having to do so. The only time Steve hesitates is when it’s a child, and that’s where Natasha is at her most efficient. There’s a silent awareness between them that it’s better for the child not to suffer, but Steve never voices his gratitude for Natasha’s ability to do what he cannot, just as Natasha never voices the fact that he has a weak point that could get him killed. Instead, they just keep Natasha in charge of the children.

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Peacock Ore

Peacock Ore: Is your muse perceptive?

Steve is incredibly perceptive and very good at pretending not to be. The thing about Steve that few people seem to genuinely realize is the fact he is just as capable of manipulation and maneuvering as Nick Fury or even Natasha Romanoff. He is an expert tactician and he knows how to utilize people to their fullest potential. He observes, he calculates, and he makes his call as necessary based on knowledge gained in doing so. 

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Datolite: Does your muse have a good memory?

Steve has an eerily strong sense of memory detailing that borders on  hyperthymestic. This is a result of his obsession with not forgetting his roots and the people who were important to him before his time on the ice - and has extended to a nearly compulsive need to preserve newly created memories.

Steve channels this extreme detail into his artwork, and uses his ability to recollect things in order to perfect his techniques. The more detailed his work gets the more he focuses on remembering so that he doesn’t have to call on live models or on photographs of what should be imprinted as well in his mind as it is in his heart. 

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20. What would you like to achieve before you die?

“Why does everyone ask me this?” His last answer along this vein had been world peace and a good meal. Mainly he’d been plugging for the latter though. “No more Hulk,” He settled on, finally, “And therefore the ability to die? Preferably old, and maybe while I’m sleeping? That’d be nice.” 

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15. Would you always be loyal to your loved ones even if they wronged you?

“Who hasn’t wronged me at some point?” It sounds harsh, but he’s serious. His parents weren’t exactly stellar, his aunt did her best but really there was only so much she could do with a kid as fucked up as he was and sometimes that strain showed, the Ross family was a big green scar, and the Avengers utilize him like a giant wrecking ball. “If I wasn’t loyal to them after they hurt me, I’d be loyal to no one. People hurt other people, its a fact of life. They don’t mean to do it sometimes but it happens. If you care about someone you have to acknowledge that sooner or later they are going to hurt you. Loving someone is about overlooking those moments, overcoming and forgiving them, and treating them with kindness and respect despite it.”

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3. What do you think others like or admire about you?

“I’m not sure?” Bruce admitted, not really one to sing his own praises, let alone from another person’s perspective. “I mean, if I had to choose an admirable quality about myself, I’d probably fall back on my intelligence, but that’s not really something overly special. There’s a lot of genius people out there with a lot less complications than me.”

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12. Is it right to have an intimate relationship with somebody you don’t love?

“No. Why would you do that to someone’s emotions? If you’re both going into it aware that it’s emotionless - for a cover, a job - then fine, but even then physical intimacy shouldn’t go beyond mild pda to solidify the roles. Otherwise, no, it’s not alright.”