A Hold on Hope || Tony & Jasper

Jasper stared at the phone for a long time. It would be stupid, incredibly stupid, to waste one of his burner phones for one call. And there was no doubt that he would have to toss it after a call to Tony Stark. If nothing else, he would be too tempted to keep the line of communication open.

It would be incredibly stupid, but jasper thought maybe he deserved a little stupid after all he’d been through. He dialed the number and checked his watch. He really wasn’t sure if he wanted Tony to answer or not.

Until Tony did. Jasper took a breath. “Hey Tony, I … I can’t talk long. I just wanted to say … Thank you, and, and goodbye. Take care of yourself, Tone.”

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"We're home!" Tony called. His worry and frustration from the conversation with the Barton Brothers (and Phil's eagerness to just get rid of them, what the crap?) completely gone as he brought Sky perched on his shoulders, diaperbag over his arm, into their living room. "Clint?"

“I’m right here…Hey Kidlet!” Clint beamed, vaulting over the sofa, pulling Sky and Tony into a tight hug. “Hey, guys.”

Holding them close, he sighed, a knot of tension releasing inside him. His boys were back. Stuff was starting to look up again.

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Sure, it was a simple surgery. And the Hudson hospital was smaller than Kingston's - leaving less likely discovery. Tony was awesome at fake identities, and Gaspar Samuels was in recovery now. Tony sat at his bedside waiting for him to wake up, hand on Jasper's while watching some weird kid show on the local PBS.

Jasper had been awake for several minutes before he made any sound or movement. He was in a nice warm sleepy place and someone holding his hand.  It was a good place not to move.  When he opened his eyes everything was fuzzy.  "Mmmm,  you’re normally so pretty, but you look pretty blobby right now.“  The words were a bit slurred as his tongue felt about five times it’s normal size. 

In dreams our minds will wander || open to those tagged.

It had started out as a dream. They'ed been riding side by side, beautiful white horses, and then, suddenly, they were in SHIELD, Sky grown, and on a black war horse, high backed jousting saddle, charging down the corridors, Clint and Sid tapping their crops to their own mount’s sides, racing away after him. They were chasing someone, something, Clint wasn’t sure who until they got to a bed room at the end of the corridor, a terrified figure leaping from the floor to the bed, then rolling back to the floor, hiding up against the wall, where the horses couldn’t go.

Clint dismounted, and suddenly, it was Tony on the bed, a leg broken, just staring at them, saying nothing. The person still huddled in the corner, tears running down their face. Phil…Oh god, they'ed been chasing Phil. Clint’s heart broke, and he sheathed his knife (when he’d pulled it, he couldn’t say) just as a figure appeared at the window closest to them, eyes glowing in the darkness and rain outside.

A knife in his own hand, long and sharp, glinted with rain water as he tapped on the glass, putting one hand through, grabbing Phil by the shirt front, dragging him to the window.

Clint shouted, scrambling back as the seven foot tall monster of a man roared, stabbing a shallow hole through the window. Clint lunged, punching his own hole through the window, going for the giant’s throat. He found it easily, slicing his knife (again, when had he drawn it?) into the giant’s throat.

To his horror, the giant shrunk down, falling through the glass, letting Phil go…He knew that body. Oh god, oh god oh god, what had he done? He’d just killed them.

He slid down the side of the bed, tears streaming down his cheeks, trembling like a leaf in the wind.

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“Tony!” Clint Barton called from across the tower, “Jarvis, get Stark,” He sighed heavily peering into the kitchen cabinet as tiny frightened eyes stared back at him, “Okay sweetheart you have to come out of there,” Clint reached in and recoiled with a hiss as a sharp sting went across his hand he drew back finding his hand bleeding, “Great…she’s got a knife…”

“I don’t know you, don’t touch me, Where am I?” Faith gripped the pairing knife she’d stolen tightly.

“You do know me Faith,”  Clint sighed in exasperation standing up, “Okay Stark don’t kill me, I’m not really sure how this happened, she was grown up when we left…now Faith is…seven…and she cut me…”

"Eight asshole,” she called out. 

blood on the risers || Open to love intrests

He sighed, curling deeper into the blanket, thankful the light was off. If they came looking for him, they wouldn’t see him (probably) in this little corner, as hidden and tucked away as he was. Not that he expected anyone to actually bother looking. No one wanted him. Who’d want a broken down piece of nothing, in reality? They all lied, everyone did. It was just a waiting game until they got bored with him and moved on to newer, shinier toys, with fancier parts.


And you would be, who? I’m under orders not to kill anyone important, lucky for you…or not, depending on what the situation is, really…

Into the Woods || Tony and Newt

Newt’s parents were on vacation, and while normally, she would have resented not being brought along, this time was different. This time, she was more than happy to get away from them for a weekend. The holidays had brought with them the usual questioning pressures of what she was going to do with her life, and when she was going to continue her education, and she was quite through with having to answer them. That said, it also left her with nothing on her schedule for the weekend, and now more than ever she needed to escape the pressures being put on her even when her parents weren’t in constant contact. It seemed easiest to just relax away the weekend (and perhaps a few days more) as an animal, free from the stresses of every day life.

So it was that Newt had found herself taking the form of an eagle and just flying that Saturday morning. She hadn’t had a particular destination in mind, and really had just followed the currents of wind until she ended up finding herself above a mountain range that seemed fairly uninhabited. There were houses dotting the landscape here and there, but nothing that should prove unavoidable, theoretically, at least.

A quick change later, bypassing human entirely, and Newt was in the more comfortable feline form of a snow leopard, as this environment seemed particularly suited for such an animal. Normally, she would have restricted herself to something more native, but this weekend was all about relaxing, and she felt like being a leopard, damn it. Besides, with how sparsely populated the area seemed, she didn’t think it likely anyone would catch her, and even less likely they’d know she didn’t belong.

Briefly, Newt wondered whether to search for a temporary den first, or to hunt for prey, but that decision was quickly made for her by the empty feeling in her stomach. Food was in order, she decided, and preferably fast. ‘A rabbit, maybe, but I’ll take what I can get,’ she mused, as she padded off into the forest in search of game.

Saving Stark

“You said you’d let him go!”

Handler shifted his gun’s sights to the next hostile, bound to a chair beside the one he’d just put down, even as the body of his fellow kidnapper fell to the floor.  With a flick of the wrist, Handler swept the removed and bloody fingers off the table to fall scattered on the downed body, then rested his gaze on the hostile after he’d done so.  "I did let go of him.  Then I shot him.  Now I know what drugs you all used on Mr. Stark.

“Care to tell me where he’s being held, and what was in those containers brought in earlier today?” he asked calmly, picking up the knife he’d used and placing it delicately on the table between them.

“Why should I? Soon as you do, you’re gonna kill me.”

“Yes,” Handler replied without remorse.  "So really, it’s a matter of how many pieces of you are still attached when I finally put you out of everyone’s misery.“

"This place is crawling with-”

“No, it isn’t.  The twenty-four people on the upper floors are all sharing your soon-fate.  Now.  I want Stark, and your girlfriend wants a body to bury,”  Handler’s grin was vicious.  "I’m sure we can come to an agreement.“

By Handler’s count, there were still ten living hostiles between Malcontent, himself, and Stark.  It would be helpful to know how many were personally guarding the mechanic - but he had no doubt it wouldn’t matter in the end.

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Hang on tight || open

Clint smiled, hands behind his head, the hood of the sweatshirt pushed up to make a pillow, the over-long sleeves acting as gloves. He lay on his back, the long grass acting like a mattress under him, looking up at the stars.

“It’s weird, ya know? We’re so far away…An we can still see em… My mom used ta take us lookin at stars out in the fields, near our house…She’d say ‘hold onto the grass, or you’ll float up to the sky, and out to the other side!” He grinned, remembering.


No matter the dimension, April Fool’s Day sucked.  Denis had spent half an hour panicking until someone had said ‘happy april fools day’ to him.

Of course he was a bit mad, now - though he could tell it was something he would see the humor in.  Later.

Much later.

He didn’t even bother texting them, or his siblings (barring Darcy, because her disappearing was something that caused him worry) before deciding to spend the day muggerhunting.

And evening.

And late into the night.

Most of it was easy help, not even requiring the mask.  A lost child who’d wandered off.  A purse snatcher.  Simple pranks gone wrong.

Then around midnight things got a little worse.

A gang of guys sweeping down on a few people from, what could only be, a rival gang.

Which was something that happened, but wouldn’t it be better if he could manage to knock them all out and call the cops, than let them try to kill each other?

He didn’t say it was the best of his ideas, and when he stumbled through a cold patch of nothingness as though he fell through a void, one hand pressed tight against a slash in his stomach - he would agree with anyone who called him stupid.

He fell through the cold and hadn’t registered he wasn’t still in the fight, when he threw a pair of monowire knives at a pair of people sneaking up on him.

An Arrangement

Tony wasn’t getting any younger, and the time had come in his life where he was required to take a spouse.


It had a nasty ring to it, but it simply was how things were done.  If your family hadn’t chosen your spouse for you, or were unable to do so, your name was placed in a registry and you were paired with someone compatible.

Tony sometimes wished he lived in the old days, where it didn’t matter - he wasn’t ready to settle down, never mind being forty-four years old.  Commitment wasn’t something he liked, not with how many times people used him for his mind or his money.  On the other hand - with being assigned, there was every chance that whomever he got wouldn’t care either way.

Regardless, Tony’d gotten his letter last week, simply a name, and the marriage date.  And now he stood, here, before a justice, across a woman with a veil, speaking his vows of a life-time.

Marrying someone he’d never even met.  

Please, if there’s anyone listening, don’t let this be a nightmare.

Natasha knew what was going to happen. She was younger then most her age who this happened too. Her mother was dead so no one could stop her father from what he wanted to do. Her father had been planning this since she was younger.

Planning a marriage so he could get some sort of benefits from it. Now that Natasha was all grown up though what he father did in the past she still had to live with today.

Being in her thirties she didn’t know what to expect of this. She knew that her name was being sent to someone but she didn’t know who this person was. 

Commitment wasn’t something that she enjoyed either. Being from Russia, she was someone who didn’t trust people all to well, but she had to do this. 

She had to get married to someone that she hardly knew. This would be awesome.