Starkid-supernatural the musical

This would be the greatest just hear me out. I saw one of those Starkid confession thingys about it and had the some great ideas for who plays who. Dean-Joe Walker
Sam-Jeff Blim
Castiel-Lauren Lopez
Bobby-Dylan Saunders
Crowley-Joe Moses
Charlie-Jamie Lyn Beatty
Metatron-Nick Lang
With Joey Richter, Jim Povolo, possibly both Brians, Meredith Stepien, Darren Criss (if he comes back) and anyone else I’ve missed as demons and ghosts and monster it would be perfect.

Hi everyone!! Just a quick update here!

So, I have gotten a SPECTACULAR response on the survey so far, so many of you have answered, way above & beyond I ever thought! 

Furthermore, your answers to the last 2 questions have been so wonderful and so heartwarming to read I’ve had the idea to take everyone’s answers (still anonymous btw I have no idea who wrote what) and turn them into some kind of gift for Darren to read. Your answers have been really, so so wonderful and I would love for him to be able to read how much he’s really done for everyone so I’m thinking this would be a great idea!! I’m also hoping to include the rest of the results of the survey into the gift as well!

I’m leaving the survey open for a little while longer in order to get as many responses as possible! Right now there are 641 responses, which is GREAT!! So if you haven’t taken the survey yet and you would like to please do so whenever you can, I’m probably going to close the survey sometime in the first week of May, I’ll let you all know when I decide on a date!

Please, reblog and share this survey with other Darren fans so we can get the most accurate results possible!! (if possible please try to keep this away from haters, I’ve already gotten around 6-8 haters who have taken the survey and while it doesn’t bother me and is pathetic, I do still want this to be a positive thing for Darren and the fandom!!)

(PS. If you are uncomfortable with me putting whatever you wrote in the survey into the gift please let me know (((if you don’t mind telling me which one was you)))) so that I can know not to put yours in!!)

(PPS. as of right now I have not published the results so that everyone can’t see them, just because I’m nervous about others trying to steal the results or sabotage things and such but if you’d like to know about them I am more than happy to share!! just come ask me here or on twitter! preferably off anon!! :))

(((((5 more days til hedwig!!!!!!))))))

So I was listening to the reprise of Golden Rule from Starkid’s Twisted and usually I just focus on Joe Walker because, well, Joe Walker, but this time I looked at the background and

they just keep this face for the entire song I can’t stop laughing


meredith is a gift.

(plus that accent, omg)

On this day 6 years ago, a bunch of goofy college students performed this weird and funny parody musical for the very first time. Who knew that these crazy crazy kids would become an internet sensation, loved by many all over the world? 

Team Starkid has done so much! 2 concert tours, 2 sketch shows, 9 musicals and tons of conventions. They’ve given us a way to enjoy musical theatre from our homes, sometimes for free (who does that?? crazy kids, how we love you), they brought us together, they are the reason I, personally, have met most of my friends. 

Words cannot describe how proud I am of everything they have achieved in 6 years and I can’t wait to see where this road will take us next. Lead the way, Starkid! We will always support you and have your back.

That probably was my favourite thing that Darren used to do. The thing that I think he does the best, is write music. He’s like an absolute genius. He’s the best. And in college he would always sit around with his guitar. Darren was like an awkward guy. At party’s and stuff, and he doesn’t really talk to people, so he plays his guitar. And Darren would just constantly be making up songs about people were in the room with him. And when I lived with Darren, he had a piano set up and I would just making spaghetti and Darren would sing a song going: Nick’s making spaghetti. Just making up songs and that was a great thing.
—  Nick Lang

Happy Birthday, Carlos David Valdes! (20th April 1990)

[You’ve co-written a full-length musical, written an EP, played in Once on Broadway - if you could choose, what would you not live without?] “I guess my answer would be an actor, because an actor is primarly a storyteller. And through his or her text and the material he or she has to express that story can employ music. And the text is very musical - it’s metric, it has a  rhythm about it… Really, if I chose to be an actor, I could do it all.“

(support Carlos & buy his EP: here or here)