anonymous said:

could you do what each STARISH boy would be like as a lover? thank you so much!

Did you mean sexually or. I’m going about this the clean route since it’s less time consuming, sorry if I misunderstood.

Natsuki - The affectionate lover. He pampers the one he loves and puts their needs ahead of his own. Well, not all of them. At the end of the day he’ll demand cuddles, clinging onto the person and lamenting in their scent, taking a moment to realize how happy he is to have them by his side.

Tokiya - The surprise lover. Most people deem him to be a rather cold and distant person, but when it comes to someone he cares about his personality seems quite the opposite. He leaves flowers on their doorstep, a tiny package every week, a voice mail when they least expect it, it’s as though he’s a ghost that drops pleasant gifts at every turn.

Cecil - The energetic lover. He’ll purposely run away from his less-important schedules to take his lover out on dates. He doesn’t care much for Camus’s scoldings, and indulges on the here and now. Wearing a disguise that still makes him stand out, he drags her around shopping plazas, arcades, and amusement parks—anywhere they can do something together. Later on when they’re both tired, they’ll sit in a blanket at the park, his head resting sleepily on his partner’s lap, dozing off for a cat nap.

Ren - The passionate lover. Every plan Ren makes for his love, he thinks through thoroughly. Every date, every meal he makes, flowers he sends, chocolates he tempers, this person can only have the best. Alone, the man unleashes an infinite amount of sweet talk. Enchanting words to please the ears, all to catch a glimpse of their smile for a few seconds. He may be busy as an idol, but if he was needed for even the smallest thing, he’d drop everything to be there.

Ittoki - The supportive lover. It’s difficult when he can’t see his lover on a daily basis, but they make sure to communicate often. He tries not to act clingy out of fear of seeming annoying, though his lover appreciates everything he does. He’s the kind of sends good morning texts and wishes them to do their best, then brief ones saying good night and how his day went. If they ever need to cry to him about anything, he’ll sit on the phone for hours listening to it.

Syo - The tough lover. Behind his short stature is a sadist. He thoroughly enjoys teasing his lover, initially denying them what they wanted until he was satisfied with their reaction. Of course, he can be countered later on in public when the person does things like PDA in front of his friends. When he isn’t being a little tsundere, he’ll leave a few small gifts lying around for them to find unexpectedly. He tries not to be there when they do, or else he’ll get made fun of again for blushing.

Hijirikawa - The old-fashioned lover. We grow up with old movies with certain romantic stereotypes, like the guy making the first move, or doing a bunch of mushy things for his partner. In a way, Masato is similar to that. If its been raining and there’s a large puddle blocking his lover’s way, he’ll throw his jacket over it. It may be a tad embarrassing, but he also enjoys indirect kisses when they share a dish together, like a parfait at a cafe.