it takes a lot to be always on form; it takes a lot. or maybe not, all the time, all I’ve got… maybe not. been one of those days: safety first, don’t push, what’s the hurry? one nerve remaining, waiting on one look, have you got it? have you got it in you? || what a pity, what a sham. what’s the matter with you, man? don’t you see it’s wrong, can’t you get it right? out of mind and out of sight

Isn’t it funny how, despite her being a telekinetic telepathic alien from an entirely different culture who has been alive since before the first manned moon landing, M'gann is the most relatable character on this show?

Humongous thank you to starinhercorner who gave lots of stupendous creative advice and put up with 30 hours of me ranting about this thing (and is also a big part of the reason I love M'gann as much as I do).

See also: stationary image with the original coloring (and a bonus original gif).

truth be told, i’ve tried my best

See, give me a teenage girl who is unsure of herself, who makes mistakes, wants to fit in and be loved, and blames herself too much when things go wrong, and who has a heck of a lot to offer—way more than she’s ever realized—and I’m gonna love her forever. That’s just the way it is.

Thanks to starinhercorner for tolerating my obsessing over every single pixel of this for 30 hours and frequently joining in with the obsessing. See also: the animated post. And bonus, because dumblr wouldn’t let me upload the original gif in a photo post:

Ours, Ours, and Ours

I wouldn’t let myself sleep until I finished this. As a result it may just be gibberish. I apologise.

Fandom: Young Justice
Rating: T+? There’s mentions of sex and violence but nothing graphic.
Pairings: Centered on SuperMartian.

For Star and the Anon who asked for drabbles about baby headcanon. Star’s baby headcanon included adopted babies and twins named Marie and John.

(It takes place in the same universe as all of my Sea Arrow fic.)


“M’gann! People think we’re Mormons!”

“Well, it’s easier to explain than alien immigrants with refugee babies.”


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Artemis Crock || here's where i begin

Young Justice | K+/T | 5,000 words | character study | season one through her eyes | birthday gift for starinhercorner

It’s not easy being the black sheep when you have to keep coating your wool with inky paint because all the white ones are terrible role models.

AO3 |

This was inspired very very much by Vanessa Hudgens’ “Promise” (as you can probably tell by me putting literally every line of the song in this fic), and also by Star’s passionate steering of the “Artemis isn’t defined by her love interests” ship, to which she is the captain.

Happy birthday, you adorable housecat. I hope you like this.

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martianwitchery asked:

Jade/Zatanna :D

omg my secret otp okay okay i can do this uhhhhhhhh

  • Zee’s curls were straighter than her.
  • Who knew Vietnamese backwards was sexy.
  • “I dare you to ass-ass-inate me.”
  • Sai’s? More like handcuffs and sighs.
  • Zatanna to Cave: …………………….you were right.”
  • Google: how to date bff’s sister.

starinhercorner replied to your post: sudden feels over s2 kaldur and how he…

s2 kaldur is bigger/bulkier than s1 kaldur and i imagine he started workin out ridiculously hard in the timeskip to relieve leader stress and also after he left the team to make himself more imposing, more violent looking like manta’s son should look

by the time kaldur defected all he had needed was to do a mulan and shave half his hair off to the orchestral sound of brass and dramatic synthesizer