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Hi dearie sugar~ how are you?? Its been a while I'm not visiting your blog :( have a wonderful day.. Lots of WonKyu love ^^

Hey bb A, what’s up? I’m super fine thanks for asking. It’s okay if you haven’t visited for a while, at least there’s more to see next time. And I know that you still love me and WonKyu no matter what :))



lots of WonKyu love for you too. ^___^


Happy birthday my beloved friend @ChoiGyu_ aka stargyu
I’m not good at words, so i just want to say it simply here. Thank you for being my friend and also sister since our junior high school years until now, it almost 6 years, no?
we have lots of things that we’ve spent together. Although we live apart from each other, we can still keep in touch and still spend our times with our interests. In your new page for your new book year, I wish all the best for you.
I’m really grateful that you’re my best friend. Love ya! ♥

Don’t puke on my face when we meet later okay, i’m not that cheesy. And ignore my grammatical error.



Tag Game - Tagged by kyuinwonderland 

Rule 1 - Posts the rules.
Rule 2 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
Rule 3 - Tag 11 people and link them to your post. Rule 4 - Let them know you’ve tagged them.


1. Who are you? Let me know more about you! Write down your short bio ^^

- Who am I? *amnesia* lol. Dear Rinda, you know me so well. I’m your sister in law *cough* xD

2. Do you like SJ or just one/some of them? and whom do you ship?

- I don’t like them, i love them :3 yes, all of them Jungsoo - Henry ^^

- WONKYU lasjfhlsdfdlfd no doubt. k.

3. What/who made you ship wonkyu?

- Actually i already posted about it here. I love their interaction during concerts or variety shows. At first, I didn’t pay attention to them but since the story above, i become their ninja 8) lmao

4. wonkyu bromance,incest, or romance?

- err….. all?

5. What do you think about couple whose member paired with won or kyu?

- akhem what do you mean? xD I honestly never mind it, with whom siwon or kyuhyun got paired, but *cough* their shipper *cough* why can’t they let wonkyu shippers live peacefully? ok this really isn’t good to talk blatantly here mwehehehe.

6. Do you ship your otp with urself or other artist? Why?

- OMG YES OF COURSE I SHIP SIWON WITH ME I have weirdest pairing ever….. i think. Sometime i ship Siwon with Yuri (SNSD), Bom, and Jia. And now i ship Siwon with Dara (2ne1). Idk why, just feel that they will be a perfect couple :3

7. What do you think about wonkyu shipper? :3

- Okay this is my opinion, right? I feel comfortable with wonkyu shippers. I get more friends because of wonkyu shippers. I know we -WKs- are minor shipper (i guess?) but we live in this fangirl world peacefully :D that’s why i really enjoy ship WonKyu <3 (oh my words /o\ ) 

8. Do you expect if your otp become real?

- No. Though i ship wonkyu so hard, honestly i want Siwon and Kyuhyun can life normally for their futures, marry their women and have kids :)

9. Your favorite things? (such a doll, cartoon, pic, etc)

- my laptop haha

10. Other blogs? or twitter? ^^ ( you can promote kkkk)

- @siwoneyes ^^

11. 4 words about this blog (and this game)?

- My lovely sister in-law <3 gimme your mas bro, raden mas Siwon Choi /bricked


11 Questions that YOU have to answer. 

1. What do you think about me/my blog? sorry if i didn’t talk to you much here ;A;

2. How do you become a kpop fan?

3. Do you have kpop stuff?

4. Is there any group you like beside SJ?

6. what’s the reason you ship your OTP?

8. Do you ship any pairing beside your OTP?

7. Are you an author? if yes, how’s your feeling become an author? :D

9. Do you read fanfiction beside your OTP fanfict?

10. What’s your hobby?

11. I love you, do you love me? haha xD

I won’t give questions because idk who should i tag lol here you go~

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1. hi! may i know your name?

- Mrs. Choi. Mad? 

2. since when you know SJ and become ELF ?

- Since i found them lol

3. who’s your Bias in SJ ?

- Choi Siwon. Jungsoo, Kyuhyun, Hyukjae and…………….. the rest SJ members^^

4. Your OTP ? why you ship them?

- WONKYU gaaaaaaaah you know the reasons! kkk

5. do you like writing or reading Fanfiction?

- writing some fanfict in bahasa and of course read almost 9/10 wonkyu fanficts *cough*

6. do you ship your OTP with Girl Group?

- Siwon with Yuri (SNSD) / Dara (2NE1). But idk who can be kyuhyun’s hmm….

7. whats your Fave moment from your OTP? you can describe or just mention it kk

- whisper couple is always whispering *___* singing / dancing crazily together on the stage, and steals glare to each other during press conferences and/or interviews (especially 5JIB presscon and SS4INA presscon *___*)

8. Do you like western boyband?

- hmm… Jonas brother? they are boyband, no?

9. whats your fave movie of all time?

- all genres? i don’t have one, my feeling usually changes when there’s a new film lol

10. whats your fave song of all time?

- No Other - SJ, Officially Missing You - Tamia (Thanks to you kk), and Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

11.can we be friends ?

- Baby, we’re mate /kisses lol

stargyu asked:

i j u s t v i s i t i n g u r b l o g a g a i n a n d i t s b e e n a l o n g t i m e. . . . i l o v e t h e t h e m e f u f u f u w o n k y u r u l e s t h e w o r l d

I miss you so much, mate u____u

The theme is good, yes. But I think my wonkyu edits make it worse lol

Please come to tumblr more often! >___<