Hm, this one takes some thought since it’s not individual-specific, and I’m a misanthrope. So I’m going to narrow it down to “people I hang out with” which means all of you guys.

I love that you guys will read and comment on my stuff even though I’m usually too sick to return the favor.

I love that I can fall off the face of the fandom for months and so many of you guys still keep in touch even though I’m not producing shiny things.

And I adore the fact that even though everyone who knew me IRL before I was known to be sick ran for the hills, none of my internet friends did.

You guys are loyal as fuck. <3

stargazer392-deactivated2013100 asked:

TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it too! :D

I AM SUPER LATE. But I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t super angsty and lame, for a while there. Also I’ve probably used half of these ‘random’ facts before, lulz.

01 – I have an extra foot or so of colon. I’ve seen the x-rays, it does loop-de-loops.

The one on the left is what it’s supposed to look like. The one on the right is what mine does. Yeeeep.

02 – If my Guild Wars account was a kid, it would be in the second or third grade. I was already reading novels in the second grade, so this trips me the fuck out.

03 – I didn’t know what a flip-off was or what it meant until I imitated it perfectly at the TV during a movie where a character flips off a prison. I was so proud that I got the pose and the angle and the right finger and everything. My parents weren’t nearly as pleased as I was. (And even then, all I was told is “that’s bad”.)

04 – Along the lines of 02 and 03, I didn’t know about grades until I was in the second grade. I was in the honor roll until I found out, and then little seven year old me basically went FUCK DA POLICE and I never did homework ever again. I’m not even exaggerating.

05 – My left index finger was smashed pretty spectacularly when I was seven or eight. It’s half again wider than it should be, and still doesn’t close as tight as its right counterpart.

06 – I’ve never had a haircut in my life. I can tuck my 'bangs’ into my belt. Despite this, my illness makes it so thin (and so much of it has fallen out) that tying it all back into a ponytail results in a tail that’s barely thicker than my thumb.

07 – My birthmark is on my faaaaace.

08 – I have more teeth than normal, and they all came in double-edged and sharp as fuck. Needless to say, that shit got ground down by the dentist. Otherwise I wouldn’t have cheeks.

09 – If you’ve gotten the idea that my genetics got fucked up by something, you’d be right. I’m a first-gen kid of a Vietnam veteran who absorbed a ton of Agent Orange. Too bad I didn’t get any super powers… I am like the lamest mutant ever.

10 – I wrote Warden/Architect porn, and a damn lot of “guests” liked it. I am equal parts ridiculously proud of and ridiculously amused by that fact.