stardustfox asked:

thanks for the reblog of my art piece* you definitely made my day~i'm going to follow you too because i really like your page ~_~ btw your gif is super cute* peace & xoxo~

No problem :) It’s beautiful. And thank you I like your page too. The gif is of me and my little sister :)


I’ve decided that the following things need to happen.

  • I need to start taking better care of myself
  • I need to work out a health/fitness/eating plan for myself and stick to it
  • Said plan needs to include sun salutations, because I feel a lot better when I do those regularly
  • I need to set aside more “God time”
  • I need to make my schoolwork a larger priority than it is right now
  • I need to be more regular with my writing, and actually finish at least one Tales of Armageddon book by the end of the school year
  • Calender year if possibly, but I need to be realistic
  • I need to keep better track of things I’m doing
  • I need to find a job
  • I need to be more aware
  • I need to be more proactive


  • I need you guys to hold me accountable to this.

Could some of you do that for me? Just periodically stop in and say “Hi Nancy, are you still following the things on your list?” or something like that? Awesome! I’m going to tag a few of you who I’m pretty sure would, but any of you can. And those of you who pray, your prayers are welcomed as well. Thank you so much everyone.

stardustfox asked:

zomg!! i just watched that dragon painting yesterday on youtube~~i was getting ideas for my next painting because we are in the chinese year of the dragon, thats super crazy & i love it!!!!! YOU are totally my tumblin buddy =D xoxooxo!!

Yeah, I’ve always loved dragons, especially the Chinese ones :) in fact the tattoo that I’ve been wanting since I was like seven is a Chinese dragon and a tiger swallowtail butterfly flying together. Yay, tumbling buddy :) ♥