Shut up!

16 Sep 2014 - Sung Joon (the actor, not the actor’s son). I was part of his band and we were all playing string instruments. He was responsible for tuning for all of us. I remembered thinking that he’s a genius for knowing all kinds of strings. Lol

Roadside gathering

5 Sep 2014 - Sodagreen! We were meeting at some kind of night market with tables and chairs. One of them asked their assistant to serve us food. We were eating happily when Xiao Wei asked if I have any tissues. I woke up at this moment by my nephews’ fight. :(

Good Doctor

25 Aug 2014 - Joo Won. He was rushing through the corridor and I came from the other end. Stopped him in his tracks and asked where he was going. He grabbed my hands (not the wrist!) and pulled me out of the door where we found a large gathering of people just playing around. We joined them and started chasing each other. Something like the scene in the drama when he imagined how he and his crush will be on a date if he was normal.

2nd chance

13 July 2014 - Was trying to get back together with Xiao Zhu. (He was a regular in my dreams). Quite sad in the dream because he didn’t seem to want the same thing. :(


20 June 2014 - Was having a heart-to-heart talk with Sodagreen’s lead singer QF and bassist Claire. Told them about how I started liking them. He even asked about my studies. Felt like we have been buddies for years!