And here’s the lookbook to follow my Bonjour Bizou haul. 

This was a tough one to put together, especially now that I do four looks instead of just three.

That lace trimmed tee just did not want to match any colour schemes, which is its one downfall. That green-y coloured stripe doesn’t always want to play nice. But I think the layering worked out well.

Tumblr Inspired Outfit Of The Day:

1. Mr. - Preppy Sweater

2. Fallen Angel - Nineties Platforms

3. Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren - Beaded Field Jacket

4. Fendi Tribute - Black Fendi Belt

5. Bonjour Bizou - Petunia Corset Top

6. PPQ of Mayfair - PPQ Gold Chain Necklace

7. Archive - Ripped Denim Hotpants

8. Killah - Circle Glasses

9. Film Theory Classics - Pantyhose

10. Evil Panda - Leg Tattoo

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