Starchild Skull

The remainder of a supposed entire skeleton, this mysterious skull was found by a young teenager in the 1930s. When she returned the next day to the site of the skeleton, most of it had been washed away in a flood. This skull belonged to a buried skeleton, whose hand bone was attached to the skeleton she had found. It has been officially at around 900 years old, but the strangeness of the skull comes with its appearance. No known diseases or deformities have been able to explain its apperance. The bone is lighter and stronger than that of a human’s, the brain 30% larger, and there is a notable absence of the frontal sinuses. 

DNA was successfully extracted from the bone, containing 211 base pairs of the FOXP2 gene. The findings ended up putting 56 variations from the human gene from the strange DNA, which is incredible considering even most animals don’t differ from humans that much (a rhesus monkey has 2 different base pairs; a dog, 27). For anything even remotely human, it would not exceed 3.


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