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The Isle of Rangoon: Rangoon Riffs: What’s it to You? - Guest starring Linkara!


Okay, so this show is really good and you may have heard of it lately because of Nash. I became a fan last summer and met Sunny Jim at Mag.

Anyway, give this a try and it has our favorite guy Linkara riffing with them.


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Travel back with us when giant killer fish didn’t need a tornado to get to their prey. 

Starchibald and Sunny Jim bite into the Asylum classic: Mega Piranha! An 80’s pop star, a sentient slab of porkroast, genetic engineering and a horde of angry CGI fish collide in an adventure that bends time and space!

Guest starring Suede as Doctor Why!

BW Promotes These Reviewers For Channel Awesome

Channel Awesome members, along with Republic of Molossia president Kevin Baugh, in their special Kickassia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was going to use the logo but something isn’t working right. But some of you may be wondering why I’m trying to. Well, Channel Awesome, parent company of That Guy With The Glasses, has announced another talent search. I don’t know how many slots are open for…

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Crying orphans. Abject poverty. Cackling destructive madmen. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Sunny Jim and Starch face the return of the Mysterious Malefactor! 

After months of slacking, the Malefactor is back and he has a disturbing marionette-filled short all about the joys and miseries of telephone operation for the Rangoons. He’s out to make up for lost time but an even more powerful force has its claws in his would-be victims: Starbound!*

Take a trip to the distant past, when telephones had dials, busy signals and sufficient mass to fell a mature bison with a single blow in… Adventure in Telezonia! 

*This video also doubles as a review of the Starbound Beta.

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Rangoon Reviews: Clash of the Titans (1981)!

Starchibald and Sunny Jim take on Clash of the Titans despite Zeus’s objections! Will the classic 1981 fantasy adventure stand up after all these years? Magical weapons, stop-motion monsters and a special guest star await in… Clash of the Titans!


New Starchibald - Puppet

My first puppet was Starchibald, a simple sock-puppet like creature made from ProjectPuppet’s Glorified Sock Puppet design. As my first design, Starchibald had some problems. His arms were poorly sewn and could neither be manipulated or posed. His stiching was questionable, I had tried to glue in his tongue with fabric glue leading to discoloration and, in general, he was rough going. 

Still, I liked the character, and after having made another dozen or so puppets to build up my skills, I decided to make a new one. 

Starchibald 2.0 is far and away a superior puppet. He has a foam body for structure, better sewing techniques and fabric to minimize seam appearances, interchangable eyes affixed with velcro for future expansion of his facial expressions, better designed and attached inner-mouth features, a wire-posable tail (he’s some kind of Salamander or newt), bushier eyebrows and working arms (one with a removable rod, the other with a magnet in his palm for grabbing things/using a magnet-based rod.

With his eyebrows, his major features are completed. I plan on adding a puppeteer’s sleeve and possibly a pair of legs down the road.

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Rangoon Rifflets: Fateful Findings

This may be the “The Room” for… well, for the same generation as “The Room” was, but… look, you get the idea. Holy wow.

Sunny Jim and Starchibald hack into the outright fascinating trailer for “Fateful Findings”, a movie sure to end up the subject of many a reviewerverse episode

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Starchibald and Sunny Jim face off against the animated film that has everything: Union negotiations, pirates, living tiki statues, catfights, bowling, strip pinochle, torture and strudel! 

Wait… isn’t this supposed to be a Christmas movie?

Maybe if it was written by aliens whose only knowledge of humanity came from reddit. Put on your special shoes and make peace with the deity of your choice, its ELF BOWLING!

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Happy Dreary Halloween everyone! Our good friends at Encyclopedia Britannica have last-minute costume concepts for you in this spooky baffling short that is sure to fill you with terror & fright confusion & unease.

Join Starchibald Tony Starch and Sunny Jim Mrs. Pac-Man as they take on shamelessly revisit Franz Kafka’s Existential Allhallows Hoedown Halloween Party!


Hey guys, Starchibald here, enjoy this screen test! We have a new lighting system and everything, I think it works!

Still tinkering with camera placement, though.

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What can picnic supplies tell us about cars? More than we care to know! Learn how a Chevrolet made before you were born is like a pile of plates and straws and how child endangerment is like automotive engineering. 

All this and a hair-brained scheme from Sunny Jim!


Hi everybody, I’m Starchibald!

Welcome to the Isle of Rangoon! I’ve borrowed my roommate Trent’s computer to set up this tumblr blog so everyone can be up to date on what we’re up to. 

A little about myself:

  • I was born on the Isle of Rangoon in 1979.
  • I am a Notary Public and CPA but I really want to be in show business.
  • I am allergic to circus peanuts.
  • I like long walks in the park, Thai food and the comic stylings of Crow T. Robot. Clue is the best movie ever made.
  • My best friend since 3rd grade is a monster named Sunny Jim. If you know where he wound up in the US, please let me know. 

Thanks for dropping by. There’s more to come!

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Torchy the Battery Boy: The Commentary!

A commentary on top of a riff? It’s like a satire turducken! Join Trent and Greg as they discuss the harrowing creation that is Torchy the Battery Boy! With bonus effects and blooper footage!

If you haven’t seen the original version, check it out here first.

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Happy birthday Superman! Here’s us making fun of you!

It’s our first RANGOON RIFFLET; a tender nugget of short film smothered in our tangy, zesty Rangoon Riff sauce! Juicy to a fault! CHAWMP.