Dogs for the Stressed and Depressed Network

✭ This is a network for people who have anxiety and/or depression, and who like dogs! ✭
You have to be willing to participate! Don’t just join and then not do anything.


  • Must be following Raine: manor-jaw and Taylor: danielcatcliffe
  • Reblog this post (likes only used for bookmarking)
  • Fill out this application (if you do not fill it out, you will not be considered)
  • Have a Skype and be comfortable sharing it with the members. Calls probably won’t happen a lot, but we’ll use Skype for group chats. (if you’re not comfortable skyping, let us know in the application)

if accepted:

  • You’ll receive a message from us (so make sure your ask boxes are open! If they’re not, I’ll just move on!)
  • Follow the Dogs for the Stressed and Depressed Network tumblr
  • Follow all the members
  • Send pictures of dogs to members! (especially if they’re sad)
  • Be nice to everyone!! This is a safe place. Do not shame anyone.

what you will gain:

  • New friends and cool people to talk if you’re sad
  • New followers
  • Selfie reblogs
  • Tips