story time

one time i was at starbucks and i needed to use the restroom and this cute barista named henry was cleaning, possibly fixing something in there so he stepped out while i peed out my venti chai tea latte as i had told him i confirmed i would not be long. to my horror, when i stepped away from the toilet, the automatic flush function wasn’t working  (which was the only possible built in way to flush the toilet stupidly enough) so i walked away from it in a million different directions to get it to flush bc i knew henry would be going back in and continue his business right after as he was waiting outside but it didn’t work. i decided to step out and assumed that the flush being broken was why he was in there but to this day idk. all i know is i may have essentially looked like a guy who forgot to flush and he knew it was me. today i was ordering another chai tea latte at the same starbucks and henry took my order and gave me it without milk and i asked him about it and he giggled and said oops as he made me another one while doing a little dance to “electric feel” and that is how two stupid experiences made me pretty much fall in love w henry the starbucks barista with a cute hip lil beard