Artist ‘Sleevebucks’ Transforms the Mermaid Logo on Starbucks Coffee Cup Sleeves Into Pop Culture Characters

Since last November, a mysterious artist going by sleevebucks has been transforming the iconic Starbucks mermaid logo on the company’s coffee cup sleeves into delightful pop culture characters.  It turns out the mermaid is a surprisingly versatile template–sleevebucks has rendered everyone from Madona  to Wonder Woman. The project can also be followed on Instagram.

5/1 - 86th street @ upper east side

Since spring break is a day away, I’m already starting to read my new book “survival of the sickest” and it’s so damn good so far. I recommend this book if you’re studying biology or are just curious how diseases came into place and why certain diseases don’t affect some population. It’s a really thought provoking book.

Also trying this cold pressed juice for the first time and tried a sample of the cold brew in starbucks. It’s good !!

Tell me you love me

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1EFFhrU

by Salomeia

Bucky was Steve’s mate, but Steve didn’t realize it until Bucky died. Now he’s back and Steve has to find him, but Bucky finds him first.

Words: 1220, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1EFFhrU

Ok so some of you might know I’m a studyblr (duh) and I’m also a barista at Starbucks (holla)

So this is my post explaining what to drink when you’re studying, I’m always at Starbucks when I’m studying bc my drinks are free when my manager is not around and its great bc I’ve sampled everything :)) Soooo I’ll describe what the drinks actually are and that jazz. <3 I’ve tried to keep these relatively cheap bc you know, we’re all broke as balls, enjoy

What to actually drink

  • Short hot coffee “But Sarah, Why a short coffee??? That’s the smallest one???” Because baes any Starbucks gold card member gets FREE UNLIMITED REFILLS of hot or iced coffee with their card, so register a card on the app and start getting points, in no time you’ll have a gold card and get UNLIMITED COFFEE WHILE STUDYING (Only at actual Starbucks stores, not licensed stores i think)
  • Tall Iced coffee with light ice. Again, free refills and soooo easy to customize to your liking! Like white mocha? BAM! White mocha in your iced coffee. The iced coffee actually has the MOST caffeine of anything at starbucks so this is awesome for studying.
  • Earl Grey Tea Latte. It’s relatively cheap and the black tea has just enough caffeine to get me through a lecture or two. Also VERY hot and only lightly sweetened with vanilla.
  • Iced Black tea. This one is super cheap and again, you get free refills. You can have it sweetened or unsweet. Has a good amount of caffeine, the most out of the other iced teas, perfect for hot days in August.
  • Chai Tea Latte. Personally I could chug this shit but I’d die ok but listen. It’s caffeinated and delicious. You can add extra pumped of chai but be warned, it has waaaaay more sugar that I would like it to have. But it makes you feel warm and cozy and AWAKE.

Don’t freaking drink it

  • Any Frappuccino. They have tons a sugar but barely any coffee or caffeine in them at all. They make you bloated and yeah just no. Skip all of them. Don’t do it. If you want sugar get a chai or something but for real don’t waist your money (they’re hella expensive too ok) Don’t do it.
  • Hot Chocolate. It is delicious, but will make you sleepy. hoe don’t do it.

Annnnd I think that’s all I have for now. Hope it was helpful!!

***Also always drink water ok just do it, it’s freaking free at starbucks no excuses.