/Berth Time

SS: Knock Out just finished watching another human cartoon about some kind of wild animals and now he wants me to sit on the floor while he’s standing on the couch and holding Starblast up in the air to present him to the “kingdom”…


I have no idea what is going on anymore. 


KO: Next week would be the 1st Anniversary from the day Star and I got bonded. But since we’ll take a short holiday for the occasion - I might as well let you all know now.

In 1 year we got bonded, the War ended, Cybertron got restored, Star got ..heh knocked up, and we had Starblast. Quite the busy and productive year.

I needed a little retail therapy today… Got the smaller of the #GOTG #lego sets. The Nova Corps Starblaster ship was fun to build. Some neat parts and lots of fun articulation in the wing flaps. It also comes with a Sakaaran ship (a smaller, less elaborate version of the one that came in the Milano set), a Sakaaran soldier (like the other one I have with the dual face, so gonna put this one out with the other face so Ronan has another lackey to boss around), a Nova Corps officer (who I am assuming is supposed to be Denarian Saal, due to the wrinkled brow and the scowl), and another Star Lord and silver orb (not pictured because I already have one out from the Milano set, so I put the duplicate into my miscellaneous minifig collection box). Now all I need is the Knowwhere ambush set with Rocket and Groot! #obsessed #guardiansofthegalaxy #nova