Starscream has just finished feeding Starblast. The little one has, as always, drank his energon hungrily. But at least he has gotten out of the habit of biting his feeders’ digits. 

It was getting quite late and Starscream was just about to put Starblast in his crib when the seekerlet waved his tiny servos in his carrier’s direction and said his first word.


Starscream was torn between being extremely proud of his creation and being furious at Knock Out for repeating the human parental terms to Starblast, thus causing one of them to be the little one’s first word.

He stuck to being proud and proceed to rain kisses onto Starblast’s face.

KO: Starblast tried to make a step today but he tripped over his tiny high-heeled pedes. And I should probably feel bad about being amused by it but he didn’t get hurt and was so ridiculously adorable, I couldn’t help it.

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