anonymous said:

Indigo Starblaster here. I just started reading Son the Champion, I'm having a blast and just wanted to thank you for your occasional recs -- I always enjoy them and they expand the circle of people I subscribe to on ao3. So thank you for your fic, thank you for blogging about other people's fics, and thank you for writing generally!

Your welcome!! My recs are *very* occasional, but I’m glad you like them! “Son of a Champion” is awesome. We need more harry potter crossovers yes/yes

(Which means i should probably finish mine, lol)

inushriek said:

So do you two hire a sitter every now and then so you can have a date night?

KO: No need to hire one when there’s already someone willing. Let me introduce you to Starblast’s main sparkling sitter - the alternate Starscream. ( theloyalone)


He likes to babysit Starblast for us and Starblast likes him a lot. He’s great with sparklings!

And then there’s Breakdown ( reallyheavyduty), who I assume I can rely on to babysit Starblast from time to time now that he has returned from his mapping mission.


Apparently Star and I have a colour theme for Starblast’s babysitters.