Jingle Jam

Lineup: Andy Grammer, Grace Potter, Alex Clare, Phillip Phillips, Jason Mraz & Ed Sheeran.

I’m still like… In shock that it all happened. The show was 4 hours long and the whole time I was thinking “ED. ED. ED” Even though I’m seeing him again in January, I was still really excited. I saw Jason in August so I was excited for his set, too, but the other artists I hadn’t really listened to, so I didn’t know what to expect.

Essentially, the lineup was pretty perfect. It was very well transitioned in that there wasn’t a huge musical gap between artists. Yes, they were all similar, but they all had their own unique styles and sounds which makes them mix very well. So kudos to the Star94 crew for getting such a good lineup.

Andy Grammer: Never really heard him, Faith knew of him, but like most of the other artists, I walked into his set blindly. He was pretty fab and really unexpected. He covered Chasing Cars as like, his second song and we all sang along. The way he did it was so unique, too, cause he did a little bit of beat box and it was just perfect. Needless to say, I loved him.

Grace Potter: All I can say is what the actual crap? I did not expect that at all. She was AMAZING. Girls’ got some pipes, man. I was blown away the entire time, no matter if she was singing or just being Grace Potter. I seriously loved her.

Alex Clare: Good voice, good music, bad stage presence. I feel like he felt kind of awkward like he didn’t know what to do with such a big stage and so many people and most everyone was sitting watching him. He just kind of stood back and sang, so it was good… But kind of boring.

Phillip Phillips: Phillip Phillips’ voice makes me want to jump off a cliff. Like, really… His voice is so gruff and husky and just… It’s full of sex, okay? It is. It’s straight up sexy and desirable and I wanted him, man. Not gonna lie. I really liked his music, too, so that helped. But like… Man. He can get it.

Jason Mraz: Amazing, as always. The Duo Decibal System is my fave, by the way. They’re wonderful together. He just sang it out as per usual and completely… was just Jason. He’s got such a good, unique voice and I love it. Plus they sang a little Christmas song near the end, so that was fun. I just love Jason Mraz. Plus he sang You Fckn Did It, which is like my fav so, there’s that

Ed Sheeran: LAWD. Don’t ever get me started. I was freaking out the second he came on and just the whole time, I was in awe. It was hard to believe he was actually there, preforming with that cheeky grin and belting it out while we all stood in complete silence when he sang Wayfaring Stranger. Damn, does that boy have talent. And I’m pretty sure he sound better live. He kept saying we were the Atlanta Gospel Choir and he was glad he got to do a proper set and he legit made 4 songs last almost an hour. He’s just… He’s perfect. I am so in love with his voice and talent and just all him. Perfect ging.

I know I’m gonna be sore and tired and my voice will be gone in the morning, so I’m gonna be getting to bed. But tonight really was wonderful and I won’t ever forget it.

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