fanfiction find!!

plz help i lost this fanfiction if you know it please link it. 

o so this is what i know about it:

Star trek au ither aos or tos

Its on AO3

its in like 2250 or whatever cannon time.

Its Fj kirk/ spock 

its about fem jim kirk, and her names something longer like jeannette, and shes at starfleet. and her brother jim is a singer, and hes just been offered a spot in this hip band, thier name is like “the stars” or something with star in it. and in the band is spock, bones, checkov and uhuras the stylist AND sulus the manager.anyway jim gets himself injured so J kirk takes his place and dresses up like a boy. shenanigans ensure. 

its a pretty long multi chaper fic thats probs not completed, and it sound realy bad, but,,, its not.

ok if you know what fic im talking about plz link it to me.