List of Shows Suggested to Me

Making a list of all the fantabular shows my rexes are sending me to watch so I can remember them.



Ally McBeal

- Arrow

- Bates Hotel

- Being Human (BBC)

- Bitten

- Black Books

- Black Butler

- Breaking Bad

- Charmed

- Criminal Minds

- Downton Abbey

- Faerie Tale Theatre

- Gravity Falls

- Hemlock Grove

- Hustle

- Leverage

- Melissa and Joey

The Mentalist

- Outlander

- Star Trek

- Terminator SCC

- Wander Over Yonder

- White Collar

- Witches of East End


Opinions on any of these shows? Have a show for me to watch? Feel free to send all that over, my rexes.



"Interior Illustrations by Jason Palmer"
Wonderful drawings of the young Cadet Kathryn Janeway
From the first and second of three Young Adult Star Trek Voyager Starfleet Academy novelizations, 1997
(Pocket Books, Paramount, etc)

By an artist who’s work I’ve always drooled over at conventions—I didn’t realize he had such a history in comics (and other illustrations, obviously).
Jasonpal on deviantart

Love these!


When you start to get confused because of thoughts in your head,

Don’t feel those feelings! Hold them in instead.

Turn it off, like a light switch.

Just go click!

It’s a cool little Vulcan/Angel/Sherlock trick!

We do it all the time

When you’re feeling certain feelings that just don’t seem right,

Treat those pesky feelings like a reading light,

And turn ‘em off,

Like a light switch.

Just go bap!

Really, what’s so hard about that?

Turn it off!

- - -

So, I was listening to the OST for The Book of Mormon and this song had me in stitches!

Anyways, here’s why it’s Spock, Sherlock, and Cas singing the “Turn it off” chorus:

Spock, because Vulcan. Enough said.

Sherlock, because “caring is not an advantage.”

Cas before he fell for Dean, because angels don’t feel.


*is unable to leave a witty and profound comment due to the fact that I am too busy laughing*


Zoe Saldana appreciation post

Planets' Classifications as Defined by Star Trek

Class A, B and C 

Typically small, young planets whose class depends on their age and solidity of their cores.

Class D 

Class D objects are planetoids like asteroids and some moons.

Class E, F and G 

Typically, Proto-Earth-sized planets whose class depends on their age and solidity of their cores.

Class H 

Class H planets appear in the series as harsh desert worlds.

Class I 

Class of gas giant, larger than Class J, and smaller than Class S and T.

Class J and T 

Class J and Class T planets are gas giants. Class J are smaller than Class T which are considered “super”, or “ultra”, gas giants.

Class K 

Class K planets are barren worlds with no native life. They do not possess breathable atmospheres, but have reasonably tolerable gravity, thus they can be colonized with atmospheric domes. However, through terraforming, they can be made into Class M worlds.

Class L 

Class L planets are barely habitable worlds with primitive ecosystems. 

Class N 

Class N planets have a reducing environment and are barren and rocky with extremely high surface temperatures caused by thick atmospheres containing carbon dioxide and corrosive sulfides.

Class M

From the Vulcan term “Minshara,” is a fictional classification for planets and planetoids in the Star Trek science fiction media franchise.

Their atmospheres are composed of nitrogen and oxygen and have an abundance of liquid water necessary for carbon-based life to exist. Extensive plant and animal life often flourishes; often, a sentient race is also present. Earth is a textbook example of a Class M world.

Class O and P 

Planets covered almost completely with water (class O), or water–ice (class P). 

Class Q 

Planets with continually changing environments caused by peculiar orbits, an orbit around a variable output star, or some other factor which causes conditions to drastically change over time.

Class R 

A rogue planetary body, which is one that does not orbit a star but drifts freely in space. However, not all rogue planets are classified as Class R.

Class S 

Class of gas giant smaller than Class T and the next larger size up from Class I.

Class T 

The largest class of gas giant. Smaller gas giants are, in order of decreasing size, Class S, I, and finally J.

Class Y 

Class Y planets are referred to as “Demon” worlds, where surface conditions do not fall into any other recognized category. Such worlds are usually hostile and lethal to humanoid life. If life develops on these worlds they usually take on many bizarre forms, like living crystal or rock, liquid or gaseous physical states, or incorporeal, dimensional, or energy-based states.

Class X and Z 

Reserved for other designations of “demon” planets.

More information.

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Featured Geek:  Elicia Sanchez

[On being a female geek in a male dominated world] “While you think being a female POC who is also a nerd would mean you would have a large group of people that understand on some level what being an outcast or treated differently meant, turns out you still have to fight to even be recognized or allowed in geek circles with predominant male populations just because women make them uncomfortable and patriarchy/institutionalized racism is the only form of power a white male geek can hang onto in a world where he is ridiculed.”

Stand-up comedian Elicia infuses geekdom into her act and writing whenever possible; when you see her perform, there’s a good chance you’ll hear a Star Trek joke or two…or three. She’s been a geek as long as she can remember, reminiscing that she was “reading comics and watching Star Trek as a kid and the fact I was fat, weird and loud and had glasses and braces by the 4th grade didn’t really help.” As an adult, Elicia still obsesses over video games, comic books, and Star Trek, but has relinquished some of her fantasies, noting that she now understands that although she wishes there were dragons, that she’s now old enough to be “glad there really aren’t dragons.” Bonus Elicia trivia: after begging Greg Rucka to feature her making out with one of her favorite gay female DC characters, Rucka wrote her into an issue of DC’s Crime Bible (her character is a high-end prostitute named Elicia that falls in love with Renee Montoya).