Nick Goepper is On Top of the World!

You would be too if you were 19, just won a gold medal at the Winter X Games for slopestyle skiing and were travelling the world to ski. I always love shooting athletes for Red Bull because they are always up for a good time, down to try something new and the shoots always end up in laughter.

Nick was no different and the only time he got stressed was when I asked him to launch off a jump with my camera while I triggered it from below. He didn’t think my jokes about “that’s what insurance is for!” were very funny but once he saw the results he was pumped and even threw a few laid out backflips to make things more interesting.

All in all a fun day on the slopes with one of the nicest people I’ve shot in a while. Nick will be defending his title in Tignes France for Euro X games so check him out on ESPN soon! Spinning and flipping on a TV screen near you!


There’s a reason in usually don’t do brunch in nyc. I like to get up. Get outside. Ride my bike, ride my motorcycle, whatever. As long as I get some air and have to time in the outdoors to see some things that inspire me.  I’ve loved things with two wheels since i was a kid and it was nice to be back in the saddle and shoot a few photos this weekend.

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CANCER PART 2  - Behind The Scenes with CONNOR O’LEARY

Here’s a short video to show the photoshoot with Road Cyclist,  The Amazing Race Contestant and Cancer Survivor. 

Dedicated to my Mom, good people, good times and a positive mindset…




This Shoot trip took me back to Park City, UT.  I’ll admit I was excited to be back in Utah.  It had been my home for years and to this day is still one of my favorite spots in the world. This time we were shooting ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson. It was historic because Sochi will be the first time women’s ski Jumping will be included in the Winter Olympics. Our second athlete was Emily Cook a freestyle aerialists with more twisting/ twirling moves than Rick James at a dance party.

We started with Emily – Monte covering the approach and eventually getting in the water.  I covered the bottom half and the guy in the sky angles. We had also set up a remote camera under near the jump that I was triggering. Three camera crews rolling and 2 guys in the water plus clients and bystanders oooh and ahhhing at every flip.  It all would have been slightly amusing if I hadn’t been slightly serious, yet there was some new cinematography technology being tried out with 360 degrees camera rigs. The idea was to try and capture every moment, at all angles. All the while, launching 50 feet into the sky to plunge into water.  Emily was awesome and her dad was a photographer who had shot aerials for years so he gave me a few pointers to lock it down.

The next day would not be so easy. The crew met with Sarah and  she is easily the most petite woman I have ever met.  Which made it even more ironical that her job is to travel down a large ramp at 65 mph only to fly off into oblivion.


Looking at the course was daunting. Monte and I had a quarter mile to cover….


Prepping to jump, starting gate, take off, fly time, landing, and the chairlift ride back up in 4 tries. No room for mistakes. Monte had prep, starting gate and take off. I had airtime, landing and chairlift ride. We had no forerunner so I just had to kind of guess where I thought she would be in the air.  To further complicate things, the course had sprinklers that soak the landing to make a slicker surface between each jump.  These were not your garden variety, run through the backyard with your swimsuit sprinklers, no these were the type sprinklers farmers use to water their fields pumping out huge volumes of liquid every second. - i.e. anyone standing near the landing is getting drenched – every jump….



So my day went something like this.


1st jump - shoot wide and figure out where Sarah was going to be.  Huddle up over camera gear, get soaked.


2nd jump - zoom in closer, get huddled up, get soaked.


3rd jump – switch angles, zoom in, get soaked then sprint down super slick, super steep stairs to get the next position at the bottom of the jump.


4th jump was a combo of Sarah in the air, her landing, and a few portraits at the bottom then hustle over to the chairlift to get the last few lifestyles of her getting on the chair.  


And like that… it’s was over


Things happened so quickly!  It’s hard to describe how fast it goes and the amount of time spent walking every inch of the course. Checking and double - checking angles. Definitely the years of shooting snowboarding and being able to envisioning the action before it happened had been tremendous help on this shoot.


And then the crew went bobsledding  ;)




I’ve always been obsessed by science fiction. The thought of future lovers trapped on a post apocalyptic planet jumped into my imagination when I recently had a chance to test the new Profoto B4 packs. Notions of Gattaca and Tron came to mind.

I also pondered how pissed I’d be if I crash landed on Earth with my girlfriend and I couldn’t get back to my technologically advanced planet where cars fly and robots make me dinner. Disappointed indeed  - to be regulated to 2013 and siri is the closet thing to artificial intelligence. 

for more tech talk read the article on the adorama blog. 



Meet Deandre, 

 A while ago I set up a test shoot and he was the stylist. As usual the model was running late so I put him in front of the lens while we were waiting.


Turns out Mr. Stylist was from Detroit, Michigan, had travelled all over the world as a dancer and in high school was kicked out the scouts right before he was about to become an Eagle Scout for coming out of the closet. 

The things you learn about a person in an hour.

New York is a trip and every person here has a story….

People walk in the door and we perceive them as one thing, then they leave a different person…