Občas se mi stane, že si něco fakt ze srdce přeju, třeba: “Kéž by tam měli cukrovou vatu!” a osud uposlechne, fakt se to stane a já se pak té vaty hrozně přejím, udělá se mi zle a najednou mi přijde, jako by se mi nějaká vyšší moc smála a říkala: “Máš, co jsi chtěla!”
A občas mi přijde, že se mi tohle děje i se vztahy.


get to know me meme: (4/7) favorite female groups » dal★shabet
What made Dalshabet have five years of experience in the industry is not the agency, not us, but our fans. We want them never to regret that they have supported us. ” - Subin


Four is The Leader who heals others but himself, sets aflame the revolution.

Five is The Traitor who flies to freedom but longs to change skin.

Eight is The Hero who appeared and disappeared but always be revered.

Nine is The Soldier who not only defies gravity, but had made it his servant.

Adam is The Reborn who shakes with his own insecurity but stands with her own resolve.

Presenting the Lorien Legacies: Guys.

Puns. Freaking puns everywhere//shot

Mabel's goes Dark
  • Okay everyone's been talking about how Dipper will pull away from Mabel and her grunkles and inadvertently will go to Bill or Bill will come to him. The twins will be separate in this time of betrayal okays. With me so far? Everyone is meaning towards Bill and Dipper BUT
  • What if Bill knows how broken up the twins are and knows that Mabel would do anything to fix her "mistake" and reunite with her dipper. What if it's Mabel who goes dark? And Dipper has to save her with the help grunkle Stan and Stanley???
  • Idk it's 2:30 am there's storm outside and its something I thought about. I have heard any theories like this but you have plz let me know
Grandpa Stan theory expansion

I was skimming Reddit and saw someone post a theory version similar to the one I previously posted. There was a difference here, however. Well, more of an expansion. It makes sense the more I think about it.

If Stanford is actually the twins’ grandfather and Stanley is the twins’ great uncle, then wouldn’t that mean that Stanford’s name is actually Stanley and Stanley’s name is Stanford? Let’s not forget that Stanford had the Stanmobile (which has a license plate reading “STNLYMBL”) long before his brother went to Gravity Falls, Oregon. My only issue with this argument is that the one time we see the Stanmobile in a flashback, we can’t see what’s on the license plate.

So maybe, in addition to Stanford actually being Mabel and Dipper’s grandfather, the brother fans have been referring to as Stanley all this time is actually Stanford, and Stanford is Stanley.

I’m about half and half on this expansion to the theory.