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is there even enough room in ur heart for fassboner with the cevans sitch

fassboner and i have a v comfortable lowkey stan/stanee relationship at this point, like ina garten’s marriage—he goes to the city all week while i make bruschetta from the garden (with GOOD olive oil!) for cevans and his penis and then fassboner comes back periodically like, hey i made this movie Frank it’s rly fuckin weird but you’ll like it and we laugh and drink pinot grigio and it’s like no time passed at all! i’ve seen his dick swinging in the wind we can never be anything less than what we are!


it’s not about me.


look something that gets me every time i watch iron man is obadiah stane’s living room

it’s like he met with his interior designer, gave them his credit card, and said “i want to sit in this room and be reminded that i am rich as balls

zebra skin rug on top of some other rug? no worries

two carafes of fine fine liquor on a silver tray with no glass in sight? hell yeah

watching the news on a leather couch with leopard-skin cushions dressed in a check purple silk dressing gown over wide-lapel striped pyjamas with a popped collar in the middle of the goddamn day?just another day of being the big o

like, based on this one shot, i am going to assume his toothbrush is made of ivory and his bathroom sink is literally just the shell of a giant tortoise

god bless obadiah stane