La ragazza che era tanto forte, è caduta. La ragazza che era tanto forte non ha più le forze di rialzarsi, per l’ennesima volta, da sola. La ragazza che era tanto forte, è caduta e non c’è più nessuno disposto a rialzarla. La ragazza che era tanto forte, ha smesso di vivere. La ragazza che era tanto forte, è caduta ed è morta.. Morta dentro.
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So i recently read an article about J.Cole visiting Ferguson, Missouri to pay homage to Mike BrownBrown’s family and protesters in the community. J.Cole also visited the scene of were the unarmed black teen was murdered. He also made additional visits in the neighborhood, Cole spent some time to reach out to the community and speak with residents and protesters to show his support. As activists, residents, and fans gathered around him and voiced their opinion and captured the moment as the rapper interacted with everyone. J.Cole also released a track dedicated to the heart breaking tragedy of the killing of Mike Brown and many others that lost their lives in similar situations. I wanted to share this track with all my followers. I have much love & respect for J.Cole because actions always speak louder than words. Celebrity or not anyone can become a victim.

No matter what color/gender/ethnicity you are we are all family and should ALL have equal rights & opportunity. Don’t let your’e voice be unheard. Be the change you want to see in this world. It starts with “Us”.

Rest in Peace to Michael Brown and to every young black man murdered in America, whether by the hands of white or black. I pray that one day the world will be filled with peace and rid of injustice. Only then will we all Be Free” - Cole

Hi, my name is Lee Horton and I took this photo.

I posted this picture to my Instagram and Facebook back in May, this was well before I opened my tumblr account. Someone took it off my Facebook and posted it to tumblr where it has been shared hundreds of thousands of times. They did this without credit, but that’s not the thing that concerns me, what concerns me is that they shared it without a story.

In February 2014 I took an unscheduled backpacking trip to Thailand, I was having some personal problems and decided I needed to get some perspective. I did, 100%. There is nothing that can make your problems seem less significant than traveling to a country where the people would give anything to have JUST your problems instead of their own.

I almost didn’t take this photo because of the rawness it represents, many of you might not know that Thailand has some political unrest going on currently and that it’s not exactly the nicest place to live. Yes they have beautiful beaches and wonderful food and wonderful people, but there is a lot of poverty, a lot of pollution in their big cities and many many struggling people.

In Thailand you can be jailed for just speaking ill about the monarchy there. That’s what this photo represented to me, bravery. The guts it must have taken to paint this on a store front, the passion that person must have felt about their country and what was happening to it. Risked serious jail time to get their message across it was just wonderful to me.

This made me proud to be a human. Above all else it made me proud to live in a world where I can use my voice and not be silenced, well at least not jailed.

Please remember that you do not have to be ignorant to the goings on in your country. They will try to pull the wool over your eyes, they will make everything seem as boring as they can to distract you from what they are really doing. Taking your rights. Slowly, painfully slowly, but they are taking them. This is not meant to insight conspiracy talk, but for you to look past the things you distract yourself with in your area, and maybe focus on your city, your country, your home. We take for granted that we still have rights left. Be a beating heart, be a shouting voice.

Be a revolution.

Enjoy this extra wide original of my photo tumblr! And thank you for sharing it!!

I have a request for my Christian brothers and sisters.

See my icon? I just changed it today. It’s an N, which stands for Nazarene- or Christian. This is the letter that is being painted on the homes of Christians in Iraq, so that ISIS knows who to terrorize in every way and brutally murder.

So why would I make this my icon? Because I am a believer, and I am not ashamed. Those who are living on the run in Iraq have MUCH more courage than I do right now, but bringing this symbol outside of the terror can show support, as well as open some eyes to the unacceptable, disgusting acts that are happening right now. If I lived there, they would be after me. I would be a target. If ISIS were bigger, every Christian would be a target. We’re people, and we’re real. We’re not just some myth that you hear about on the news. If you’re not infuriated about what is going on in Iraq, I don’t know if anything will infuriate you.

Changing an icon can’t accomplish very much, and I know that. But it serves as a personal reminder, and can raise some awareness. We can’t let people forget and ignore what’s going on. It’s cruel, it’s discrimination, it’s an abomination. It doesn’t matter if it’s against a race, a religion, a lifestyle, whatever. Terror is terror, and nobody should let it slip by. Stand up with me, spread the word, change your icons, and pray.