Source: Elle Decoration

Simply a stunning space with right balance of colour, texture & materials. Of course I’m loving the mid century pieces aka the PK22 chairs and Jacobsen lamp (my love for mid century modern is getting out of hand……) and those doors?! Sliding crittall doors = Genius.

Everyone is looking at you looking at him.
Everyone can tell. He can tell. So you
spend most of your time not looking at him.
The wallpaper, the floor, there are cracks
in the ceiling. Someone has left a can of
iced tea in the corner, it is half-empty
I mean half-full. There are four light bulbs
in the standing lamp, there is a fan. You
are counting things to keep from looking
at him. Five chairs, two laptops, someone’s
umbrella, a hat. People are talking so you
look at their faces. This is a good trick. They
will think you are listening to them and not
thinking about him. Now he is talking. So
you look away. The cracks in the ceiling are
in the shape of a whale or maybe an elephant
with a fat trunk. If he ever falls in love with
you, you will lie on your backs in a field
somewhere and look up at the sky and he will
say, Baby, look at that silly cloud, it is a whale!
and you will say, Baby, that is an elephant
with a fat trunk, and you will argue for a bit
but he will love you anyway.

He is asking a question now and no one has
answered it yet. So you lower your eyes from
the plaster and say, The twenty-first, I think,
and he smiles and says, Oh, cool, and you
smile back, and you cannot stop your smiling,
oh, you cannot stop your smile.

—  On The Discomfort Of Being In The Same Room As The Boy You Like, Sarah Kay

Aubrey’s excellent workspace.

Links to my thangs: 

Grovemade Monitor Stand 
Grovemade Mousepad 
Grovemade pen cup 
TwelveSouth Hi-Rise iPhone/iPad Mini Stands 
CB2 Bruno Lamp Discontinued 
Bose Soundlink Mini 
Bose QC15 Headphones 
Herman Miller Mirra Chair 
LaCie USB 3.0 / 3TB Porsche Design HD 
Plants from IKEA 
Desk - Custom built 
Headphone Hook link coming soon

Same Apple stuff all ya’ll got.

On the walls:

• 1 of 1 Jett Johnson original :) 
• 55 Hi’s Retro Radio Limited Run Green 149 of 150 
• @Marc Hemeon Wave No. 15 
• Tycho Boulder Lithograph 
• @Ryan Putnam 2 of 100 Collection Series McFly Gear 1985 not yet hung


Will the cute little animal be brutally burned to death? 
Find out next time!