someone about ag/ent carter: omg look the angle of her hat combats misogyny! look at this one kiss between peggy and an evil female character with 0 depth who only kissed her to poison her! queer representation! damn this show is so progressive!

it smells so bad i can’t bring myself to take a drink of it

why does red wine taste so good in cooking but so bad on its own

the world may never know

but there’s at least 4 standard drinks worth left in here so i will power through it

This is literally all I want in Series 4 (or 5, I guess):

Victor Trevor comes to Sherlock to ask him to solve another case. Sherlock is friendly with him, and there’s a bit of flirtation/sexual tension - references to their shared past, ‘that one time’ etc.

After Victor leaves, Sherlock explains to John that they were friends in uni. “Well, I say friend…” he trails off. 

John says something about the tension. (“It seemed like more than that…” possibly?)

Sherlock shrugs. “We… experimented. The results were… inconclusive.”

(Awkward pause.) “Hang on… Are you gay?” John (finally for fuck’s sake) asks.

"Yeeees, I thought that was fairly obvious.”

Cut to a flashback in Angelo’s when John asks, “Do you have a boyfriend? Which is fine, by the way.” And Sherlock only says, “I know it’s fine,” but doesn’t say men aren’t his area like he did about women, followed by another flashback of Sherlock overhearing Irene saying “Yes you are [a couple]” to John because dammit Sherlock has never ever denied anything when people mention his possible attraction to men/John.

Because I want as many callbacks to Janine, to Irene, and to John and Sherlock’s first case together as possible. Because, you know, HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THIS, JOHN?

my sister and i were laughing at the egregious christian subtext in sam raimi’s spider-man films and she jokingly asked our dad “do you think spider-man is an allegory for jesus?” to which he promptly (and thoroughly) responded that spider-man is actually an allegory for adam, having committed the original sin and now having to spend the rest of his life paying for it. ok dad. how long have u been waiting for someone to ask you what biblical figure spider-man represents to you

>People complaining because there are rumours about Serena being the new cooking mom and how she is “waifu material” given she is stalking Satoshi and blushed in front of him

I’m so glad we’re all agreeing that Dent was Waifu Material.


My two 3/4 size Stratocasters.  The one on the left was an old Squier that someone put a short scale early 90s MIM Duo-Sonic neck on it.  The one on the right is actually an all original Fender mini Strat.  Made in Mexico, also in the early 90s, it is much more like a full size Strat than the Squier with the Duo-Sonic neck.  It has 3 control knobs (the Squier has two), and a 3 ply pickguard.

The 1987 American Standard on the left and the Nash S-63 on the right are shown to give you an idea of scale…and just how small the minis are!


[Sequel of “The Boy Who Leapt Through Time” - for junes-boy. Happy (early) Birthday!]


On a rather sunny afternoon, after having made another cup of coffee Yosuke grew to love over the past several years, the grip on the mug his daughter gave him slipped, and it shattered upon impact against the tiled floor. His vision blurred, and suddenly the world turned into some slipshod mesh of bright, incomprehensible colors. For a moment, the first instinct to panic kicked in when he toppled to the ground, feeling a sudden sense of unease when he realized he could not longer breathe. However, it quickly passed as soon as his eyes began to close, because he no longer had anything to worry about—Chie, his wife, was visiting Yukiko at that moment, and his daughter, named Saki, survived well with her boyfriend in their own apartment. The remainder of his friends, namely the original Investigation Team back in 2011, were all dead, most from old age, and the only ones left were Chie and Yukiko. Moments before, he was among the living, but as the world became a bright, dazzling light, he no longer belonged with them.

Death, something he feared so much when he was a teenager while solving a murder mystery, was actually quite nice at eighty-seven while living in an apartment in Tokyo.

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Platina Jazz Presents “Sailor Moon: A Moonlight Serenade”

Thanks to producer Rasmus Faber, it looks like some of your favorite anime-related tunes will be getting some awesome covers. Rasmus Faber Presents Platina Jazz - Anime Standards Vol.4 will once again see the union between Swedish Jazz Musicians and anime tunes.

This volume will feature songs from well-known titles like Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Dragonball Z, Tiger & Bunny and Sailor Moon, to name a few., It will also feature album artwork by former Studio Ghibli animator and Eureka Seven character designer Kenichi Yoshida. 

To kick it off, they’ve released a video for their version of Sailor Moon: A Moonlight Serenade. Check it out, then click the link for Crunchyroll for more album details.