If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall and the mountain should crumble to the sea, I won’t cry, no I won’t shed a tear just as long as you stand by me.

Things I Consumed and Enjoyed Today, 3.16.15

eSports documentary from Vice

This 5-part doc covers the competitive (and I’ll be honest, kind of scary) world of high-stakes gaming. It’s about an hour long, and gives short glimpses into South Korean tournaments, cosplay, internet addiction, British gaming celebrities and superfans. It’s definitely interesting, as Vice tends to be, but also suffers from the typical Vice lol-laugh-at-the-weirdos objective stance. Cool thing though.

John Lennon-Stand By Me

I was humming the Ben King version of this right before it played on my shuffle. Lil magic moment, and John’s wink at the beginning of the video is truly inspiring.

The Intellectual Character of Conspiracy Theorists-Quassim Cassam for Aeon Magazine

Conspiracy theories AND neurology?! I have been blessed.

Carl Akeley-Wikipedia page

What a fucking badass. This guy revolutionized taxidermy by pioneering the technique of sculpting bone and musculature under the carcass rather than stuffing it with sawdust or cotton, as was common in his time. Almost all of the dioramas he made from his safaris are still in view at the Museum of Natural History in New York. Oh, and he beat up a leopard once.

Who Killed Hammarskjöld? Susan Williams

Today, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon called for an open investigation on the death of his predecessor in 1961. This article, from 2011, details the possible US involvement in Dag Hammarskjöld’s death. Hammarskjöld died in a plane crash in what is now Zambia while on a diplomatic mission to prop up the government of Congo, which Allied forces saw as a Soviet sympathizer.


but here’s a picture of Senate Budget Committee Chair Mike Enzi looking like he just stole candy from a baby

and Kanye looking exceedingly gleeful when asked about Obama calling his house

I’m going to start some work on an opinion piece and hopefully read a bit tonight. Love.


João Vítor - Stand By Me |John Lennon cover| [Brazil]

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