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A New Level Of Fierceness Is Coming To Postcards Across Canada

In cooperation with the Canadian Museum of Nature, Canada Post unveiled five new prehistoric themed stamps at the Royal Ontario Museum, that will add a new level of fierceness to postcards across the country. 

Jordan Mallon, palaeontologist at the CMN, led the research aspect of the Dinos of Canada project as the scientific advisor, which strove for both artistic punch and scientific accuracy. Mallon originally came up with a list of 25 prehistoric animals, only to narrow the list to four dinosaurs- Euoplocephalus tutus, Chasmosaurus belli, Tyrannosaurus rex, Ornithomimus edmontonicus, and one marine reptile- Tylosaurus pembinensis. All based on Canadian finds, the animals in these stamps are also featured on permanent display at the ROM and in the collections of many other museums throughout the country.

The stamps were illustrated by the world’s leading palaeo artist Julius Csotonyi, who previously worked on the ROM’s Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit, and who is widely used to “re animate” now extinct creatures in various museums, scientific articles, and research papers. 

Very excited for @canadapostcorp new #Dinosaurs of #Canada #stamps. Awesome job! pic.twitter.com/efJqXxuJ64

— Emily Bamforth (@EL_Bamforth)

April 15, 2015

Thanks to everyone who attended our #dinos event at the @ROMtoronto and all who followed along on #Periscope! pic.twitter.com/xS3uTud1Ll

— Canada Post (@canadapostcorp)

April 9, 2015

Hanging out with @DavidEvans_ROM for the new #DinosCanada stamp release. @canadapostcorp @MuseumofNature pic.twitter.com/yQ6NuPJaBP

— Jordan Mallon (@Jordan_Mallon)

April 9, 2015

@scienceworldca @canadapostpromo Dino’s of Canada. Delivery Step Van on the streets of #Vancouver today. pic.twitter.com/OoMEFXxvwU

— Arif Bhatia (@ArifBhatia)

April 10, 2015

The creatures show the latest in our understanding of dinosaurs- both Ornithomimus and Tyrannosaurus sport feathers. These up to date dinosaurs provide a great opportunity for palaeontologists and educators to alter old views and present contemporary knowledge to the public.

Dinos of Canada was designed by Andrew Perro, and feature photography by Judy Arndt whose work greatly enhances the 3D effect of the images. Expect dinosaur enthusiasts from across Canada to adorn their mail in these ferociously terrific stamps today!

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Written by @kironcmukherjee. Last update: April 20th, 2015.