Stiles pushed up his seat so I could get out but I still had to climb over Cora to do so. Hopefully that hasn’t ruined our knew budding friendship.

"So where’s Danny’s room?" Stiles asked as we walked into the hospital.

"This way." I said as I grabbed Stiles’ hand and led him to my best friends room. "But watch out for my aunt, she’s kinda on duty."

"Got it." Stiles said as he let me drag him through the hospital. Luckily, it was a lot less crowded then before.

Soon we were out side Danny’s room and I quickly turned to Stiles. “Let me check for his Parents or nurses before you come in, okay?”

"Great, I get to be Robin again." Stiles mumbled as he frowned at me.

"Are you talking about Batman and Robin?" I asked and Stiles nodded. "And why are you complaining about being Robin? Have you not seen how incredibly hot he is? Not that it matter because your not Robin anyways."

Stiles looked confused by my little rant but then a smile spread across his pale cheeks. “Just check already.”

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As I got closer I saw he was dripping wet, like it had just rained or something. And then I, along with the other three, got close enough that we were now In front of him and not behind. Now I could see a empty gasoline container, it’s contents poured on to Scott and even pooled around his feet. If the Flare touched my cousin or any of that gasoline he would surely burst into flames. That was his suicide plan.

"Scott?" I asked, barely managing to choke out the words. I was terrified to say the least. The sight in front of me scared me even more then seeing Scott cut open.

Scott seemed to finally acknowledge our presence as he slowly looked up at up with a blank expression. No, scratch that, he had a slightly determined expression with the littlest hints of sorrow. Scott looked back at his flare and spoke and a very monotoned and non Scott like voice. “There’s no hope.”

Allison was the first one to be able to come out of her shock and speak. ‘What do you mean Scott? There’s always hope.”

"Not for me." Scott responded, shaking his head slightly and taking in a sharp breathe. "Not for Derek."

"Derek wasn’t you fault. You know Derek wasn’t your fault." I said but I stopped myself from saying more. I was scared of saying the wrong thing or even scared I might start to cry.

Scott acted as though he hadn’t heard me. “Every time I try fighting back it doesn’t work, people keep getting hurt, people keep getting killed.”

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I felt Stiles let go of my hand and was about to protest when I realized Scott was coming back. Stiles had quickly stood up so Scott could get back in the seat.

"Crisis Adverted?" Stiles asked as he sat back down.

"Mhm." Scott grumbled.

Stiles just nodded as he sat down, his eyes staring at something I hadn’t pinpointed yet. “‘Kay good, cause we have another problem.”

"And you can tell this because?" I asked Stiles.

"Ethan keeps checking his phone like every five minutes like he’s waiting for some kind of signal or something. It’s evil though. I have a very perceptive eye for evil, you know that." Stiles explained, looking over to Scott as he said the last sentence which cause me to laugh.

Stiles looked over at me and I tried clearing my throat to hide my little out burst. “I um, don’t like him sitting with Danny.”

"Yea, neither do I." Stiles said as he began fumbling through his pockets. "I’m going to see what he’s waiting for."

"What are you doing?" Scott asked.

"I’m going to ask." Stiles clarified as he got ready to start a text.

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