I had to quit my job...

Why do white people feel that they have the authority to tell someone what is and isn’t offensive/racist? A white girl that I work with had the audacity to turn towards my desk, and flat out ask me if my hair was real or fake. Then she tried to explain herself by saying: "it’s just that, you have very curly hair, and hair doesn’t get that curly, especially not on African Americans. African American hair is coarse, not curly." (I have 3b/3c curls, by the way). When I told her that she was being rude, racist and offensive, she said "NO I’M NOT! that wasn’t offensive at all!! AND IT WASN’T RACIST!!!"

By the way, I’m also the person who posted that submission about working with the anti-black Indian guy, and I made the submission about the white lady who assumed my name was “Jazzmyn.”  Yep, all in the same workplace. Since the Jazzmyn incident, that white lady has said other racist shit to me too, and I noticed that she was always extra rude to Black students, and would disgustingly fetishize Eastern-Asian students.

I don’t work there anymore, I quit last friday the 23rd. I had to quit because of that bullshit. That workplace was too toxic, and stressing me out every day. The supervisor never did anything about those people, and would ignore their racist shit, even when they would do it right in front of her, so reporting them never did anything… I had to quit for sake of my mental health.

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to dust or to gold

the 100 | bellamy/clarke, the hunger games au | 15775 words | rated t

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He’s the boy from the twelfth district with a revolution building in his bones, and when she looks at him, all she sees are the embers of a match about to be lit. Bellamy Blake has a fire where most boys have a smile, and she wishes that it scared her as much as it should.

But he doesn’t scare her at all.

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Swan Queen ft. Marilyn Manson’s Coma Black
Once Upon A Time 2x06 | 2x22

Her heart’s a bloodstained egg we didn’t handle with care. It’s broken and bleeding, and we can never repair.

the conversation w my mom was like

me: im making these three OTHER characters too, but just for a little story

mom: oh yeah? what’s it about?

me: basically just these three girls who play d&d together and get in a relationship

mom: like…a…threesome??

me: yeah! the three of them together

mom: well, you know, not like a threesome…right?


So, we’ve been here in Australia for just over 2 weeks. My gym is far away in England and my routine has been thrown out of the window.

Usually I would go for a run, but the heat is immense here- it’s the Australian Summer- a land where no chocolate would last ten seconds without doing a Wicked Witch of the West on us.

We started running at night. When we could do that, we would start the day with an early morning walk along the beach- this was the best thing about my day.

We’d return home, have breakfast and then do a core and weights workout. I would do 4 reps of 25 mountain climbers, 25 sit ups, 25 swivel stomach moves and 3 reps of 30 second planks until I did a 100 of everything. Ended with some skipping and a few songs worth of hula hooping.

The heat is making me feel sluggish and I suppose that’s probably why I’m feeling blah in myself (and also I think I’ve put on a couple of lbs- my bf says I’m paranoid) We have amazing salads throughout the week and we have what we want at the weekend. During our stay, I have discovered Ben and Jerrys and Krispy Kremes. I have no will when it comes to cookies and creme. This does not bode well. Adam (my fella) says that we’ve been far more active here then we are at home. I’d like to believe him, and maybe he’s right. The lack of a job is playing on my mind. We leave in 5 weeks time to go to New Zealand for the rest of the year, and no one seems to want to hire us in these sleepy suburbs of Western Australia for just over a month. We’re focusing on filling out day with fitness and productivity with lots of planning for the next leg of our travels! Apart from that, it’s wonderful. We’ve got a routine and we even got a mini walking job today posting pamphlets for a few hours a week. It may not sound like much- but it’s extra money that we wouldn’t have and an extra work out in our week. My appetite for chocolate has sky rocketed, and I find myself unable to decline Toberone anymore (I mean- I used to HATE it, now I’m in love). I would like to drop about 7lbs, but as I’m typing this, I’m thinking of the mini dime bars in the cupboard. Whatever is happening, I think life is pretty damn good at the moment. X