Throughout the 1980s, Cindy James was stalked by an unknown assailant. The stalking began four months after her divorce and she became the victim of harassment, including threatening phone calls and creepy notes being left outside her door. She contacted the police and as a result, things escalated - James was once found bound and gagged outside her home and on another occasion, was stabbed through the hand. The police, for some obscure reason, didn’t believe James, and believed she had been writing the notes and making the calls herself, leading to her being committed to a psychiatric hospital.

On 25 May, 1989, six years after the initial harassment, James went missing. Her car was found abandoned and her groceries were still in the car along with her wallet. Blood was found on the door of the car. Two weeks later, her body was found in an abandoned house, her hands and feet tied behind her back and a stocking tied around her neck. The cause of death was a drug overdose and despite having been found tied up, the police concluded that she had committed suicide. The coroner, however, concluded that her death was not suicide, an accident, or a murder. It was determined that she died of an “unknown event”. The case remains unsolved today.