Again, these photos were taken one after another! I really wish I knew what was going on in their heads!

Dean had just noticed Aidan swinging the mic back and forth and then that happened… They are just too cute!

Wellington Armageddon Expo - 2013

But I think it’s the closeness of two brothers who are living in the same room.
One brother likes to get up early in the morning and go running, and the other brother likes to stay out late and party. Their schedules are conflicting, and they’re constantly rubbing each other a little bit raw.
There’s a competitive spirit there, too, or there was for a long time – there definitely still is, to some extent.
It was like, ‘Oh, here’s this song I wrote’, and I’d go, ‘Here’s this piece of art I did’.
—  Jeff Ament, talkin’ about his relationship with Stone Gossard (1998)