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Okay so the past while I’ve been researching what is the best email to contact some Disney staff and get legitimate replies

I’ve finally come across this one

They’ve been very nice in replying to emails so far. So this would be a decent email to use and be like “Hey I love Randy Cunningham and want it to get a third season!”

I also recommend to send letters to the address they refer to here

Disney Channel

Atten: Fan Mail Department

500 S. Buena Vista St.

Burbank, CA 91521

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“They didn’t have phones in Ancient Greece and their theaters did very well” = and I fell in love instantly.

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Hussie said he finished 400 in the month before Homestuck returned. It seems likely he wasn't working on it much prior to then, but there's no confirmation either way and he's still got some pages he has to make to finish off the intermission that haven't been scheduled yet.

AH! Thanks for the clarification ^u^ I guess it must have gotten garbled in the grapevine before I heard it, if my brain didn’t do the honors :p There you go p-f; no need to worry, HS could easily run long past our grave-dates as it stands :]

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Hey! I really love your analysis, especially how you delve into the different... aspects of aspects, and how focusing on things result in what powers. Speaking of, your power analysis is so much more interesting and detailed than a lot of people's I've seen (and God knows I've seen a lot) and it's all so interesting and IMO you're P top tier GT theorist and I was wondering if you were still doing GT analysis, and if there was a limit to how many we could request? (Sorry if these are stupid Qs)

No these are not stupid questions at all! And thanks for the compliments too :p

I prefer doing one at a time, but I’ve got a rather small series of Comparing two Titles or discussing how they might interact. I don’t necessarily object to handling more than that at once provided it’s a rather general questions; for instance there’s some posts from maybe 2(? mbe 3??) years ago in the archives about “which would be the most frightening Title to go off the rails” or “what Session-roles would these Titles work with” or “what might a Session with Players with these Roles look like” where I deal with a lot of Titles at once and I’m comfortable handling larger numbers in that sort of truncated general-view context. Writer fatigue and irl are also p big issues with those posts; some weeks I can burn through one or two a day, and others writing even one is pretty draining/time-squeezing, so asking for a lot will prob mean it takes me a long time to get them done and that I’ll likely have to break them up.

Tumblr messaging is the internet equivalent of chucking a message in a bottle into the sea and hoping that it reaches Kansas. (Ok, slight exaggeration, but you get my point.)


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Clara sighed after the fight, watching as he left their room with a pillow and a blanket, her anger fading quickly. Staring at the ceiling as she tried to sleep, she tried to stop herself from going down to him, knowing she had been the one the was in the wrong this time round. It was just her pride telling her not to apologise, not to say sorry and just let him come back to her. Hours passed before she gave another sigh and walked downstairs, seeing Danny asleep on the couch.

;( meme )

The couch was not at all comfortable, but Clara needed her space and he needed his. It wasn’t like he was a stranger to the couch, having slept on it a few times when they were still getting to know each other and not yet comfortable sharing a bed. Nowadays, he just slept on it when they had an argument, which tended to happen after she’d seen the Doctor and come back injured. And usually, it was his fault, but this time Clara was the only one to blame and he knew she would be too stubborn to apologise. In the morning, he’d say sorry. At least it would put the whole matter behind them.

He slept lightly on the cough, and hearing her footsteps on the stairs was enough to wake him up. As his eyes opened, he knew it wasn’t yet morning, so he rolled over and looked at her, wondering if she’d come down to gloat.

“Are you okay?” He asked, concern in his voice. It wasn’t normal for her to be up at this time, and they were still married, he still loved her and wanted her to be okay. “Look, I’m sorry.”

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I rb’d a Leverage post, and tumblr changed my “Leverage” tag to “lever action” without me noticing. Basically, if you leave your cursor over or anywhere near the tag field as you’re filling in tags, tumblr’s “helpful” auto-filler will pop up and, quite often, decide you “clicked” on one of the many, typically pretty far off, suggestions it provides you for finishing the tag. Usually I notice this and fix it before posting, but I missed it this time to humorous result |:/