anonymous said:

3, 5, 7, 9 !

3.) if i married my sugar daddy and he gave me 100,000$ a week what would i buy

i think a lot of good food cute cloths and pencils!! and cute stacionary. animation and photography programs as well as graphic desighn programs. i think i would also spoil my friends as well. i would go an adventres/ travel and i would probably want to invest in north korea and see if i can get on kim jong un good side and try to get into their goverment.

5.) if i could spend 2 days with anyone

this is a very close 5 way tide between : dr. mendele, kim il sung, kim jonghyun, lee taemin, and lee jinki

i wold like to ask doctor mendele about his expiraments in the nazy concentration camps and i would like to look at his findings. that was something that intrigued me whenever we would hit the holocust section of history class.

I would like to talk politics with kim il sung and see what he thinks of north korea now and if he aprooves of ti.

i would like to talk about sociology and politics with kim jonghyun both american and korean. ask him what he things about the 3 g’s ( god, gays, and guns)

i would like to get to know a little bit of the real lee taemin not SHINees taemin but the real him. we would do anything he would want to do.

this is going to sound very bad but i would try to  get rid of all the lust i have for lee jinki. i jus want it all to be gone. you know what we would do.

7.) the first initial is t

9.) leas favorite things

book: the giving tree its jsut to sad.

movie: the fault in our stars just too overrated.

tv. show: spongebob too annoing