1980 Dodge St.Regis

St.Regis Pictures:


Black-Tip Reef Sharks

St. Regis has about 10 harmless Black-Tip Reef Sharks in captivity.  Although these nocturnal creatures hunt during the night, we were able to watch the staff feed them. The sharks are fed minimally (only three times a week) to make sure they maintain their natural instinct when they are released back into the wild. 

The weird looking fish is not a shark but a sucker fish, also known as the remora. Its ridged head helps it latch onto the bellies of the sharks and travel millions of miles to wherever the sharks end up! Essentially a free taxi ride. Smart fish. Sadly, these confined sharks are too small for the fish, so we often find it latching onto one of the underwater posts to rest. This fish has been with st.regis since it was a little sucker so it cannot be released into the wild because it is too dependent. It doesn’t mind though because all the meals are free!