A Brief History of Santa

Todays facts about Father Christmas are what he is called around the world 

  • Belgium - Pere Noel
  • Brazil - Papai Noel
  • Chile - Viejo Pascuero (Old Man Christmas)
  • China - Dun Che Lao Ren (Christmas Old Man)
  • Netherlands - Kerstman
  • Finland - Joulupukki
  • France - Pere Noel
  • Germany - Weihnachtsmann (Christmas Man)
  • Hawaii - Kanakaloka
  • Hungry - Mikulas (St, Nicholas)
  • Italy -  Babbo  Natale
  • Japan - Hoteiosho (a God or priest who bears gifts)
  • Norway - Julenissen (Christmas Gnome)
  • Poland - Swiety Mikolaj (St. Nicholas)
  • Russia - Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost)
  • Sweden - Jultomten (Christmas Brownie)
  • UK - Father Christmas
  • US - Santa

Apologies for any names I have missed 

Today is the feast day of Saint Nicholas. The figure of Santa Claus comes from St. Nick, who in turn comes from the real-life St. Nicholas, a fourth-century bishop from Myra, in what is now Turkey.

In many parts of the world, today is the day that children get gifts — on the evening of December 5th, they might put out shoes and get small gifts like fruit, coins, or toys.

Todays image and facts about Father Christmas.

In France it is Pere Noel, also known as Papa Noel (Daddy Christmas) who visits the children  to deliver gifts, he is accompanied by Pere Fouettard, the bogeyman. As in some other European countries Pere Noel visits either on 6th December, St.Nicholas Day, or Christmas Eve. He rides either a donkey or his sleigh and reindeer.

Children will leave out treats such as hay & carrots for Pere Noels donkey/reindeer, they will leave these in the shoes/Sabot’s in hopes that Pere Noel will leave them a gift.

Pere Fouettard is Pere Noel’s evil companion who frightens the children who have been bad during the year.