These tweets (and one retweet) are from my friend Ryan, a journalist who has been on the ground in Ferguson for the past few days. (His Twitter account is here, and it’s a great source of updates on the situation there   [x]).

I just wanted to remind everybody that while spreading word about Michael Brown’s unjust murder and the horrifying events of the night of August 14, 2014, please do not oversimplify or ignore the complexities of the situation.

Some journalists in the town have been doing what journalists do: focusing on all the negative aspects about the community to try and make it look like a hell-hole in order to sell their own pictures and stories, and basically all many of them want to do is further their own careers. But focusing on all that negativity only paints the picture of one side of the story, ignoring a lot of other important things going on there.

Please do not fall prey to the media’s game. Anger at the actions of the police in Ferguson is totally justified, but in the midst of that we cannot allow the people who are living with the situation every day to be dehumanized. Despite all this tragedy and chaos going on around them, they’re still a community and in many ways they’re pulling through all of it together. They want peace. Anyone looting or burning things down is a very small portion of the community. The whole story is so much bigger.

A story doesn’t need tear gas to be interesting. We need to hear every side of this story, not just the horrific parts.

TL:DR: please don’t fall prey to media attempts to dehumanize and oversimplify the situation in ferguson!!


i’m just going to leave this here…

and say that if anybody else was responsible for his murder they would already be locked up facing charges. not in a safe place with PAID administrative leave. 

i didn’t realize that it isn’t murder when you’re a police officer, it’s a few weeks paid vacation and you’re back on the job.

JUSTICE for michael brown, ezell ford, eric garner, tarika wilson, henry glover, amadou diallo, manuel loggins jr, todd blair, oscar grant, ronald madison, sean bell, james brissette, stephon watts, jose guerena, kenneth harding jr, patricia cook, remarley graham, byron carter jr, justin sipp, kenneth chamberlain, johnnie warren, dante price, trayvon martin, chris kissane, kendrec mcdade, rekia boyd, dixon rodriguez, john adams, keith vidal, michael nida, john crawford, darrin manning…

how long does the list have to go on? this isn’t even close to HALF of the people killed by police since 2012 alone.

police kill at least 500 people a year with those numbers rising every year.

law enforcement has killed over 6,500 unarmed/nonviolent people with excessive force or misconduct since 9/11 

you’re 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist.

this shit’s been going on since before rodney king and it hasn’t gotten any better. what the fuck is going on here?


So I think we all need an update on what is currently going on in Ferguson, Mo. Above is a screenshot of a convo on my phone with my friend who is a journalist and works occasionally for Al Jazeera America. You can check out his Twitter here [x] (he’s been posting a lot of Ferguson updates on it). He’s been on the ground directly in Ferguson for the past couple days reporting on the situation as it develops. He was around last night during the worst of it, and he was confronted by the police at one point. The point I want to make in all of this though is that the awful stuff that happened last night, while it was horrible and should not be ignored, is not currently happening. The city is not in a constant state of siege as of right now, and steps towards justice have been taken with the Highway Patrol taking over the investigation. The captain of the highway patrol joined the protest marches and considers the matter to be very close to heart, so they’re not  going to let what happened last night with the tear gassing and rubber bullets slide.  Also they’ve begun to let reporters and other media back into the city, so the matter is no longer being completely silenced. Voices are beginning to be heard again. However, as my friend’s text alludes above, peace remains very shaky at this point.

This matter is far from over, and we cannot stop spreading the word until justice has been seen through against the heinous acts of the police force, starting with the officer that shot Michael Brown. I just wanted to make sure people have an update on what has actually been going on there today since the events of last night, because all I’m seeing on tumblr right now is stuff that hasn’t been going on today.


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it’s really weird that literally 30 minutes away from me human rights are being horribly violated while the media is forced into silence about it. while meanwhile in my suburb, it’s a sunny day and the people are going about their every day business and i’m stuck working in a fucking boutique. 

i want to go to ferguson. i want to help. but i’m not entirely sure what i would do once i got there, or even if i could get in at all at this point. i wonder if anyone else from st. louis has tried recently? if you have let me know.

no matter what we cannot let them get away with this. keep spreading the word. horrible things are happening right now, things we cannot sit by and let pass, even if from where we’re sitting the world looks pretty sunny.

A St. Louis County police officer who was seen pushing CNN host Don Lemon during a protest in Ferguson, Missouri earlier this week was suspended from duty after a video of himself, CNN reported on Friday.

The video, posted online this past May, shows Officer Dan Page giving a speech before members of the Christian organization the Oath Keepers. At one point, he shows the audience a picture of himself in Kenya, saying he went there to search for the country’s “undocumented president,” Barack Obama.

The footage also shows Page, a retired Vietnam veteran, saying he does not believe in hate crime laws, while also complaining about “sodomites” on the Supreme Court, “sodomites and females” entering the military, and blaming women for causing men to be arrested on domestic violence charges.


Suspended St. Louis Police Officer: “I’m Into Diversity, I Kill Everybody”


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