So yeah this is happening, and is somehow acceptable?

They’re chanting “no they don’t” in response to the chants of “Black lives matter”

Gary Yarbrough was a member of “The Order”, a white supremacist nationalist terrorist group in the US. 


Somehow my post got way more popular than the person who this video actually belongs to, so I’m adding the commentary from her original post here: 

Racism is broader and deeper than hate groups like this. Hate speech is just the tip of the racism iceberg. Hate groups allow us white folks to say “I’m not racist. I’m not proclaiming hate in the streets.” While groups like these are disturbing, we know they are not isolated incidents of white supremacy. White supremacy appears in our criminal justice system, education, healthcare, public policy, etc. we must advocate for systemic change and do the hard internal work of understanding our privilege. We must reject the ways in which we are used as pawns in a system of white supremacy that hurts and marginalizes people of color as it steals our own humanity.

Futhermore, this occurred in St. Lous just 20 minutes outside of Ferguson, not Baltimore like I thought for some reason.
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St. Louis police oversight meeting ends in tragically ironic brawl 

For its first hour, the meeting was uneventful, with St. Louis-area residents politely debating the positives and negatives of the creation of the oversight board following the shooting death of unarmed teenager Brown at the hands of St. Louis police Officer Darren Wilson.

Then the cops showed up.


Jack talks about snapchat, how he was conceived at the Arch, and Alex doesn’t want to be called dad.

All Time Low - Future Hearts Tour
St. Louis, MO - The Pageant

“A true movement must be willing to uplift those who are oppressed and they will pave the path to liberation. We have a lot of uplifting to do. This is about giving power to the people.” -Charli Cooksey (@charlicooksey)

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My tornado story, since it’s twister season. Gather ‘round, children.

So I grew up in St. Louis, which is in Tornado Alley. I’m a zillion-generation Missouri girl. Back in 1997, I was just home from school (10th grade) and it was bright and sunny but the weather guy (Dave Murray who went to my church as a kid–total dick–ANYWHOO) kept talking about tornado watches. Tornado watches in springtime St. Louis are like a daily event and nobody really pays attention.

My mom was grilling pork chops on the porch in a goddamn thunderstorm if you wonder what Missourians are like about rough weather. Apparently a tornado dropped right on top of the siren like a big asshole and nobody knew that fucker was there. My mom saw the tornado coming and took the time to casually PUT THE CHOPS BACK IN THE FRIDGE. That’s how you know you live in tornado alley. You flip the tornado the finger, put your dinner away, and then take cover.

The tornado passed within 15 feet of my bedroom window, which I’d just bolted from to hide in the bathtub. A tree went through my van. My neighbor’s speedboat parked in our complex lot was found a day later in a furniture store a mile away. I guess my complex was on CNN, not that we had electricity to watch it.

Long story short: my pork chops survived the tornado and my mom watched it go by while coolly smoking a cigarette. St. Louis women don’t give a fuck.

I, however, never ate pork chops again.


On March 12th, 2015, two Police officers from the St.Louis County and Webster Grove Police departments respectively, were shot specifically because of who they were and what they represented.

Once again, because no one learned any lessons from New York, THIS is what happens when both the media and the current governing administration uses sensationalism to cover their own unfounded misconceptions out of ego and political spite, further fueling needless anger and resentment towards Police Officers, inciting inevitable violence.

The misguided fear mongering of Police Officers has become an epidemic of mass hysteria.