Yeah, the union of John and Mary Winchester - very big deal upstairs, top priority arrangement. It wasn’t easy, either. Oh, they couldn’t stand each other at first. But when we were done with them - perfect couple. […] The orders were very clear. You and Sam needed to be born. Your parents were just, uh… meant to be. A match made in heaven, heaven♫

Go to the foot of the tabernacle and say one ‘Our Father’, ‘Hail Mary’, and ‘Glory Be’ when you can’t do anymore. This is enough to strengthen you against temptations. If someone has faith, makes visits to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and makes his daily meditation, I tell you, it will be impossible for him to sin.
—  St. John Bosco

Arnold Böcklin, The Deposition, c. 1874, detail: Mary Magdalene and St. John

I adore this one — the Magdalen’s tortured posture, their clasped hands, the intensity of John’s gaze… these two don’t interact a lot in art and it’s a shame because this is gorgeous.


some more holga shots from around sydney. i ran out of hp5+ on my trip and decided to shoot some old tri-x. i’m not sure which of the two i like more now