Convo with friend in Canada (roughly)
  • Friend:heat wave and my roommate is baking a cake I want to kill her
  • Me:unless it is the equivalent of over 100F for 11 days with over half being above 105 you are complaining to the wrong girl. St Louis has had 10 deaths due to heat.
  • Friend:we went from cold weather and cool rain to 35-40C though
  • Me:when it finally rained here it was mixed with snow
  • Friend:but we have thick blood and our buildings don't have good air conditioning
  • Me:I live in an old building and only have one window unit in my apartment. You aren't going to win this.
  • NOTE:I found this in my drafts... judging by the use of "roommate" and judging from my memory... this has been in my drafts since 2012... haha
My video isn't posting

I had a little video out my back window which isn’t posting the other one posted but not this one. Whatever. Delete I had coffee with sugar which was delish & got in 3 miles before the rain. Rain let up. Watching backpacking videos. Campfire will be nice on the first with Tom. No raw foods this month as I need to relegate my money. Nevertheless I will get some good food (& Monster). Looking forward. Got the window open, the rain is coming down. Just a good day n

Day 98 - My F#cK!ng Hand is on Fire

Yoga: X; Walked Dogs: 5.34 miles; Weights: Yes Spin: X


Breakfast: Honey Nut Cheerios (with Almond Milk)

Lunch: Lean Cousine Cheese Ravioli

Dinner: Pasta and turkey with Mozarella, grilled peppers and carotts

Today is the day that I started taking the dogs for walks in the mornings before work. I do this every year, with the St, Louis weather though, I do it after the cold passes. I can do a chilly morning, to hell with a cold morning.

We having lovely sights around our neighborhood. Such as this musical train yard that never stops

Or this empty house from 1895 where a young girl died

But really, I love the city. 

On a side note, I am going under the knife for the first time in three days. I am excited because I am tired of hurting for two months, but scared because I am a wuss and have never been cut open before.

My hand constantly is cold or feels like pins and needled all the way from my fingertips to my elbow. Also, all fingers minus my thumb cannot bend well and are tight 24/7. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and my hand is locked and I have to slowly pry it open.

Wednesday is my final meal. I cannot eat or drink after midnight. I have to make it a good one.


cooling down/heating up

Prewar apartments are so weird. One minute they are cold from the air outside & then the heat kicks on & I have to open all the windows to make it normal & then it gets cold again. It was pretty much all monotone, recycled air in my 2008 apartment but this one is a lot better, so…

I am always up late. I am watching “Welcome to MacIntosh” again on my iPad, beaming to Roku. It is a good documentary & I wonder if MacIntosh is even going to be around once everyone decides they just want an Apple Watch & don’t give a shit about good technology anymore.

I was also watching TWiT w/ filmgirl & decided it would be a good idea for me to get a Moto 360 because I love the design & it looks like something made by ASUS which is my second favorite hardware company (after Apple). It looks like a cool watch & I want to know what all you can do w/ it like can I do a hack to make webpages work on it somehow. It would go well w/ my Nexus 5 which I am DEFINITELY not getting rid of though my best friend Tom would love me to because he wants it. lol. 

The Mac is fixed, as I mentioned. Which means doing the whole Chromebox/Linux Mint thing has been put on hold but that is going to happen. I am going to get a Moto 360 first though. Washington State Park is in a few days & it will be cool to have some campfire time. June I will get the Moto 360. At the end of May a Starbucks opens six blocks from me so that will be exciting.

My abs hurt. I have been doing a steady 560 crunches a night damn near nightly for a month now & I need to stop for a couple days to let them heal & then back at it. I will walk tomorrow. It will be nice.

Did you know Jonny Lee Miller was married to Angelina Jolie?! Yea! Sick Boy! So cool!

St. Louis Weather - KMOV Android File

St. Louis Weather – KMOV Android File

The KMOV Weather app places the power of the 4 Warn Weather Team in the palm of your hand with the latest storm and forecast information. The KMOV Weather app determines your location and delivers a detailed forecast, conditions and alert information to you wherever you are. Activate notifications and get alerts for breaking news the moment it happens.

Download St. Louis Weather – KMOV

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I am never blogging on my iPad again

I just had a nice blog post written out & then it crashed. Of course it didn’t save it to drafts because mobile technology is like four days old & can’t be relied on for shit! Nevertheless I will do the blog post on the Mac because it is 100% reliable & I can do anything within the text editor. Thank God!

So it is windy today. Cold & windy. I do not know if I am going to get a walk in because I do not have a hard shell but I am going to be getting one sometimes in the future. I may just rough it out. I am getting a tv from Tom. He is getting a 1080p & getting rid of his 32 inch 720p & giving it to me (yay!) I am going to be setting it up on the entertainment center & then I am going to be using my 24 inch 1080p for a computer monitor. This is good. Tomorrow I get money & I will go get food & rockstar of course. This will be nice. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

So blogging from Mac from here on out.