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Every moment is broken.
Am I wasting my time,
Trying to get you out of my life
When I can’t get you out of my mind?

We’re talking, but are these words fake?
Is anything left true?
I made a promise to myself,
But I’ll break it if you ask me to.

Don’t say goodnight.

I hate October;
Nothing changes but the weather,
And I’m tired of feeling cold.

Yesterday’s high temperature in St. Louis was 66. St. Louis’s hockey team, the STL Blues, won 6-0. And, according to his grandson, Stan always said “If you’re not 15 minutes early, then you’re late.” He passed away at 5:45, fifteen minutes before 6:00.
Here’s to you, number 6.

As they say in St. Louis, “6 is a serious number.” <3

Convo with friend in Canada (roughly)
  • Friend:heat wave and my roommate is baking a cake I want to kill her
  • Me:unless it is the equivalent of over 100F for 11 days with over half being above 105 you are complaining to the wrong girl. St Louis has had 10 deaths due to heat.
  • Friend:we went from cold weather and cool rain to 35-40C though
  • Me:when it finally rained here it was mixed with snow
  • Friend:but we have thick blood and our buildings don't have good air conditioning
  • Me:I live in an old building and only have one window unit in my apartment. You aren't going to win this.
  • NOTE:I found this in my drafts... judging by the use of "roommate" and judging from my memory... this has been in my drafts since 2012... haha