I wish my voice box would work in Austin

I am told I am an idiot. This is not done explicitly, mind you, but rather by virtue of ‘objective’ numbers and data. I do not fit the standardized mold. I do not feel accepted. 

I once received great marks in school via standardized testing. That day is largely departed. This repetition has inculcated a pathway so strong, it ‘conducts’ nearly 24 hours a day. It is now a facet of my identity. So, naturally, I search for signs that suggest I am not an idiot.

I do not fit in with you because I do not feel like you. I am uncomfortable because I simply know not how to relate. I fixate. I have long drawn out thoughts. I associate Freudian explanations to possibly unrelated issues. I do not usually act with haste. I am slow. I take my time.

I am not fast like you. I do not retain information nearly as easily. “I don’t know.” I do not have your sense of humor. I am not cheerful nor confident nor sprightly anymore. I have changed. My scar tissue is exposed. Even those not looking can see it.

My final clutch is the desire to become something great. To hold onto the idea that a 4.0 does not guarantee success nor humanitarian accomplishments. I am not cut out for the ‘hardcore academics’ and research. But perhaps I can still make something of myself yet.

Revisiting home makes me feel like I belong in a place I once sought to abandon. I did not enter Pharmacy school particularly close to my El Paso classmates. Frankly, they are far more competent than I am, and I wish them all the success in the world. There is certainly a place for me here. There is certainly much to be done.

"I have never been able to remember for more than a few days a single date or line of poetry. [instead, he had] the patience to reflect or ponder for any number of years over any unexplained problem… At no time am I a quick thinker or writer: whatever I have done in science has solely been by long pondering, patience, and industry." Charles Darwin


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  • Lenny:Are you following all this? Maybe we should stop.
  • Eunice:I'm listening.
  • Lenny:But are you understanding?
  • Eunice:I've never really learned how to read texts. Just to scan them for info.
TechDemoSat-1 video from orbit captures spectacular view of Earth and a flypast of the launcher

Surrey, UK (SPX) Aug 13, 2014

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) has released a video from a camera mounted on an exterior panel of TechDemoSat-1, which shows the satellite moments after separation from the Fregat upper stage of its Soyuz-2 launcher, and as it begins its first orbit in Space. TechDemoSat-1 was launched on 8th July 2014, and is an in-orbit technology demonstration mission, carrying innovative payloads for

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