(This article was written by SSTack )
”It’s safe to say that a barn fire is every horse owner’s worst nightmare.

While visiting Stachowski Farm last week, the Schneiders crew discovered a fascinating safety measure that I personally have never seen before. By the barn door, under two fire extinguishers, was a rack full of red halters with red and white leads attached.
Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the chin pieces had been removed and the lead ropes threaded through the brass attachment”

“In case of a fire, your first objective is to safely remove your horses from the area. Seconds count. In this situation, you don’t have time to run around looking for halters for everyone. Even if you have halters and leads on each stall door, trying to fasten buckles or tie rope halters on panicky horses wastes valuable time. With these particular fire halters, handlers can slip them on quickly and go. Having them all in one place so everyone knows where to find them saves even more time.

Want to implement this safety measure in your barn? Simply invest in one nylon halter (like this one) and lead (like this one) per horse. Cut the nylon chin piece and throat piece off the halter so you are left with the nose piece, cheek pieces and crown piece alone. Then clip your lead to the brass ring on the right side of the halter and slide the opposite end of the lead through the brass ring on the left side.”

“Now your fire halter is assembled and ready to go! Keep your halter(s) in one easily accessible place in case of emergency, and let everyone at your barn know where to find them.”
Written by SSTack, This article can be found here

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