so my dash has gone unbalanced (too much one direction haha) and i would like to follow some new blogs! so if you post about any of these following pairings/fandoms/characters, reblog this and maybe i’ll follow you if i fancy your blog! 

  • spn
  • destiel/deancas
  • cockles
  • wincest
  • marvel (all forms, i’m no picky)
  • especially cap/steve rogers
  • stucky
  • and the avengers
  • reign
  • how i met your mother
  • arrow
  • heartland
  • glee
  • ts3
  • sso
  • assassin’s creed
  • larias
  • sam smith
  • robin packalen
  • onerepublic


Skyrim Spring Overhaulを導入してみたら、世界が変わりました。