New SSO YouTube Series?

Okay, so I’ve been wondering what I can do as a hobby for a while now.

I’m constantly bored, and so I’ve decided a good way to occupy myself with an SSO voice-over series. I wouldn’t need any voice actors as I could probably take care of that myself. But when I do get actors and you’re willing to voice some lines, I wouldn’t object.

I’m still debating on names (”The Seventh Disaster” seems pretty appealing for what I’ve got planned, though) and most of the plot, but I do know what some of the conflict will be. I’ll most definitely need actors, but for now I don’t know any of the roles I need. Until then, I’ll ponder over the story, but I’ll let everyone know when I’ve got everything planned. I just hope my procrastination and inability to finish things decides to end its rein of terror over my mind.

so my dash has gone unbalanced (too much one direction haha) and i would like to follow some new blogs! so if you post about any of these following pairings/fandoms/characters, reblog this and maybe i’ll follow you if i fancy your blog! 

  • spn
  • destiel/deancas
  • cockles
  • wincest
  • marvel (all forms, i’m no picky)
  • especially cap/steve rogers
  • stucky
  • and the avengers
  • reign
  • how i met your mother
  • arrow
  • heartland
  • glee
  • ts3
  • sso
  • assassin’s creed
  • larias
  • sam smith
  • robin packalen
  • onerepublic


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