Often I find myself filled with a desire for adventure; often I do not have the time or resources to satisfy this want.
Thusly, I’ve created something to try and remedy my dilemma.
This person is my super hero alter ego!
Because if I can’t go out on adventures, my lil super can. :¬)
So, when I’m bored, in middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin, trapped in my snowy house, I can live vicariously through this other person. I can drink my tea and kick some bad guy butt!
Then again, isn’t this what every character is for? Why else would we make them?
Why am I still writing?
I’ve taken too much allergy medication and I’m really tired.
So yeah anyways
here’s this lil person.
Haven’t figured out what powers I want them to have and I don’t think this is the final design.

© dooley 2012