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because you're on my dash having duizhang feels in your tags and I just...I understand you... ;____; let us remember this glorious Kris+Beanie day forever.

UH HUH! ;__________; kris + beanie…i just…frame…this…moment…stare…at pic..foreverrr

Rules: set your music device on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that play (don’t skip). Afterwards tag 10 people to do the same.

i was tagged by teddymoony ^^

( there are 2 playlists instead of 1. uwu )

1st playlist (kpop girl groups playlist):

  1. a.kor - always
  2. nine muses - drama
  3. EXID - up & down (LG U+)
  4. rainbow - sunshine
  5. aoa - like a cat
  6. t-ara - sugar free
  7. gfriend - glass bead
  8. sunny hill - thump thump
  9. orange caramel - abing abing
  10. nine muses - wild

2nd playlist (skins music):

  1. beirut - east harlem
  2. how to dress well - suicide dream 2
  3. ben howard - keep your head up
  4. phosphorescent - i am a full grown man
  5. asobi seksu - thursday
  6. pj harvey - on battleship hill
  7. born ruffians - little garcons
  8. phosphorescent - joe tex, these taming blues
  9. martin solveig ft. dragonette - hello
  10. akron/family - one spring morning

i tag ssicaa, krshan, pabo-kris and all of you! :D

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1. Something you hate about the k-pop world?
In one way or another everything seems to be based on looks and the things people do to become perfect is kind of scary. In the end it’s all about IMAGE, and sometimes I feel like these idols can’t be themselves completely because of this.

2. You’ve been given the chance to choose between the “Big 3” and become a trainee, who do you choose?
Oh my….
Well, I’m sure it would be very intense training no matter in which of the three I would end up but based on my selfishness to be with my idols I would have to go with SM. *they would probably do some reconstructive surgery on me but YOLO*

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In Korea/China married to my one and only Kris and living with his mistress Luhan. *don’t even care*
LOL no but really…uhmm..hopefully have my career and living somewhere interesting (not where I live now) and happy. 

4. Favorite k-pop performance ever?
Okay I don’t have 1 particular favorite but I’ll give you my top three instead.
Big Bang Love Song- From the song, to their cloths to their choreography *drools*
TVXQ Keep You Head Down- Choreography, flawless song, Max in that extremely low rise shirt
Shinee Lucifer- Need I say more??

5. Who’s your ultimate bias?
*thinking long and hard*
All of Shinee, Big Bang and Exo
- Don’t judge me o_o

6. Why did you join tumblr?
All the coolest kids had one…aka Patrick Star and SSicaa :P

7. How much has your blogged changed since you first joined?
I am now addicted. We should go to Tumblr anonymous sometime.

8. ….I can’t think of anything else so…Hiiiii! (:

P.S. You killed me with like half those questions….

Okay now my turn…I think it’s supposed to be 11 questions.
1. If you could change your name to any k-pop idols’ name, what would it be?
2. K-pop idol you feel would successfully go solo?
3. Right now what is one song you can’t stop listening to?
4. When was the last time you cried and why?
5. If you could pick any 5 idols to become one new super awesome group who would they be and why?
6. One characteristic about yourself that you love. ..yes you have one..Now pick!
7. What is one vivid happy childhood memory?
8. Favorite live performance? Why?
9. How did you get into k-pop? How has it changed you?
10. Favorite female and male Korean actors?
11. Super power you would want the most out of the Exo MAMA MV?


It’s my birthday tomorrow and I am not ready. Another year has gone by somehow, because I didn’t feel it. I still feel so immature and unprepared for real life. You think 23 would feel so grown up but it doesn’t….doesn’t at all.