Marriage Interviews

this is the result of watching a little too much shoujo anime and my undying love for sasusaku

They are about 25-26 in this story 

"Oh so these are the women Mikoto-sama wants you to meet?" Sakura asked flipping through the folders in her hands, "They look decent." She paused to smirk at Sasuke, "Human at least.’ 

Sasuke pinned her down with a glare before sipping at his coffee. Sakura laughed unaffected by his behavior. She was use to it after ten years of his cruel affections. 

"Sakura leave." Sasuke commanded. Sakura laughed again before getting up and grabbing his coffee cup to take to the kitchen.

"Gomen I can’t do that." Sakura replied mockingly, "Mikoto-sama asked me personally to make sure you go these interviews today." 

She walked forward and touched him on his shoulder, “Now go and shower. I already got your suit from the dry-cleaners and I am putting it in your room.”

Sakura shooed him off with the flick on her fingers before turning to grab the suit on the chair. She carefully climbed the stairs to Sasuke’s room and entered. She placed his suit on the bed and finally sighed.

Her fingers carefully brushed against the suit as she felt her heart tightened slightly.

'You knew this would happen sooner or later.'  the voice in her head said mockingly. Sakura laughed bitterly in reply. Of course she knew he would have these event to go eventually because of his family name but she never expected she would be the one making him go. 

"Sakura how long are you planning to stay in my room?" Sasuke asked. Sakura looked up and felt her ears tun slightly red. She huffed, "Oi tell me when you’re going to walk into the room half naked!" 

Sasuke glanced at her before grunting, “I did. I knocked.” He paused, “Now would you leave.” 

Sakura huffed. “I don’t feel to now. My innocent have been destroyed by you once again.” 

Sasuke growled, “Sakura if you don’t leave then I will change in front of you.” He moved his hands to remove the knot on his towel when Sakura starting screaming at him. 

"Don’t you dare!" she screamed before running towards the door, "Just  hurry up so I can drop you."

As the door closed Sakura felt her heart tightened. She walked downstairs and picked up the folder she had left on the desk and skimmed through it again. All the women were beautiful, rich and well educated. They were all perfect wives for Sasuke and Sakura knew she couldn’t compare to them. She had to work hard to earn her current friendship with Sasuke. He practically hated her when they were younger although she loved him. Now Sakura learnt to bury those feelings and be a supporting friend that Sasuke needed more than a woman’s love.

"Sakura you don’t have to drive me." Sasuke remarked as he came down the stairs. 

Sakura stood up and shook off her previous feelings, “What are you talking about? If I let you drive you will go as far away from here as possible.” 

Sasuke turned and watch her smile before walking to face her. He placed both his hands on her cheeks surprising her before pinching the skin. Sakura pushed him away and glared. 

"Oi what was that about?" she asked. 

Sasuke pinned her down with one of his cold stares, “I wanted to wipe off that stupid smile.”

"Gomen for having a stupid smile." Sakura muttered back bitterly. 

Sasuke clenched his fist, “How can you be this annoying.” he muttered back. 

Sakura brushed off his comment and picked up her bag, “Come on its getting late.” 

"Are you really going to make me go?" Sasuke asked, "After all you said you are in love with me. Was that a lie?" 

Sakura froze. She had stopped telling him that a long time ago because she believed it annoyed him but there was time when she said it over and over. 

"Yes." Sakura replied, "It was. It was just a stupid crush. I am over it now." She averted her gaze from him.

"Fine." Sasuke replied putting on his jacket. "I am going." He walked forward picking up his keys. Sakura felt her heart tremble again. Sasuke was already so close to the door. 

"No!" Sakura exclaimed before grabbing at his jacket and holding on. "No." 

"What are you doing?" Sasuke asked looking down at her. Sakura looked up shocked by her own actions. She could feel the tears pooling. She quickly pulled away. 

"What am I doing?" she asked aloud as the tears slide down her cheeks, "You should go." More tears came, "You need to go." She covered her face with her hands only to have to pulled away by Sasuke.

"I will ask you again." Sasuke said seriously, "Are you really going to make me go?" 

Sakura felt her heart tremble again before she rushed into his chest sobbing, “No.” she whispered, “Don’t go.” 

Sasuke’s expression soften. Finally, she was being honest with herself. He had to be honest he was surprised when his mother came to visit to complain that he still hadn’t made Sakura his girlfriend after all these years of knowing her. She then presented him with a plan to get Sakura to confess her feelings for him by forcing her to help him prepare for marriage interviews. Sasuke admitted it was slightly cruel but Sakura was too stubborn for her own good. 

Now he looked down at her crying face and feels a chuckle rumbling in his throat. 

"Then I won’t." he replied. 

SasuSaku Month 4: Suffix

Title: Suffix

Prompt: Day 4: There Was No Warning

Summary: ”Stop saying it incorrectly.”

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.

Rating: T for the same reason as yesterday ;D

Warnings: Mild violence (because sparring).

Comments: I don’t know where this came from, but blehhhh I don’t like it. Also: I’m going on vacation, so I’m not going to be online for a while. I’m setting up a queue for the next few days.


They were sparring, taijutsu-only, on Training Ground 07—its marsh-like landscape gave a unique challenge, and was usually only open to higher-tier shinobi. Being war heroes and all, the members of Team Seven certainly qualified…even if one of their number was missing today. Sakura ducked, her short hair fluttering in her wake, as a powerful kick snapped out just above her head—it would have caught her rather painfully in the ribs. Her sparring partner continued the movement, using his momentum to swing into a series of rotations, his foot coming up to hook her ankle as she rose and his elbow angling to smash her nose. Sakura made a split-second decision and let her legs sweep to the right, crashing to the floor as his arm cocked itself back, fist balling in preparation for a punch. Sasuke lunged down as the pinkette rolled to the side, his hand meeting ground instead of flesh and sending visible shockwaves surging up his arm.

Sakura flipped upright just as Sasuke rose from his kneel, shaking out his hand. His knuckles were bleeding, as he had no doubt left them unprotected by chakra in an effort to soften the hit somewhat. She smiled to herself; even in a spar, neither he nor Naruto could really bear to go full out. She’d just have to draw him out of his shell. With that, she smirked and leapt up, flipping in midair as she swung her fist down. “Shanaroooooo~!”

Even without chakra, her punch was strong enough to shatter the earth. Sasuke executed an elegant back handspring, pushing away from her attack just in time to avoid any major damage. He still sustained various scrapes and small bruises from flying rocks, but was for the most part unscathed. Right side up once more, Sasuke shook himself off and lunged forward, right arm cocking back in preparation for a hook. Sakura ducked under him and wrapped her arms around his midsection, bending back to slam him to the ground. Sasuke twisted in her grasp, knocking her legs out from under her, and they both crashed down. Sakura felt the air rush out of her lungs as her back met rock, and closed her eyes a moment as she tried to even her breathing.

Sasuke’s weight pressed her into the ground—he’d fallen on top of her, his larger frame completely covering her. He did, after all, have a good foot of height on her. His forehead rested against hers, and he was so close that she could feel his warm breath on her lips (which was doing all sorts of unmentionable things to her heart and brain). Suddenly very aware of every cell in her body (or, at least, anything within close proximity of the muscular male above her), Sakura felt her face flush with heat. “E-eh, sorry S-sasuke…”

“Hn.” He scowled, the grunt rumbling in his chest. “Don’t do that.”

She shifted slightly, growing almost uncomfortable with their position. “What?”

“My name.” Sasuke moved closer still, onyx boring into emerald with a strange, hidden fire. Sakura swore she could see every one of his eyelashes, and count the gray streaks in his irises. Her body seemed to forget how to function, and she felt her heart speeding at an alarming rate—at this point it would give the Yellow Flash a run for his money. “What about it…”

To her eternal embarrassment, the phrase came out as more of a love-struck sigh than anything else. Sasuke’s fringe brushed over her upper forehead as his hands came up to brace himself against the ground, giving her a bit of space (not that it was much—she was still hyper-aware of everything below her collarbone in relation to Sasuke, as he left no space between their bodies) as he hovered over her. “You know.”

“Know what…?” It was then that he smirked, and Sakura felt herself melt. Oh Kami, if he had been attractive when he was thirteen, he was the god of desire now, five years later, when puberty had ran its course and angled those fine features with the precision of a master sculptor. Those lips, slightly chapped from training and scarred by thousands of Katon, curved up slightly in an asymmetrical expression that made him look, in a word, delicious. He leaned down again, more deliberately this time, until their mouths were nearly touching, and whispered, “Sakura.

Her eyes slid shut as his lips met hers, slanting over them as though they belonged there (which, she supposed, they did). She felt him shift again, this time to his elbows, and wrapped her arms around his neck almost instinctually, holding him to her as they kissed. Sasuke put his weight on his right arm, his left moving to gently caress her side before looping under her and pulling her close. They parted for breath then, and Sakura almost fainted as Sasuke practically purred in her ear, “Say my name.”

His lips found her jawline, placing butterfly kisses down her chin and neck as she exhaled smoothly. “Sahh-suke…kun…”

He froze for a moment, and Sakura yelped in surprise as his hold on her tightened and he practically attacked her mouth, his kisses no longer sedate. She could feel it—the heat of his passion for her, as well as another emotion, deeply buried beneath the rest. Between breaths, he growled, “Say it again.”

“Sasuke-kun…” She repeated, and pulled him into another deep kiss. His hand glided across her bare skin, winding under her shirt to rest just at the small of her back. His tongue slithered across her bottom lip, which his teeth then gently snagged. Sakura mouthed his name into the kiss, and Sasuke took the opportunity to slide his tongue into her mouth, exploring it thoroughly as if to memorize every nook and cranny. Her tongue curled around the invading appendage, drinking in the flavors of cinnamon, ash, and apples, as well as something unique she identified as Sasuke. Her hands twined in his hair, fingernails digging into his scalp, and the man above her let out a low, pleased hum. They came apart again, gasping, foreheads resting against one another, with Sasuke’s hand half under her shirt and Sakura’s fingers tangled in his raven locks. “Haaah…Sasuke-kun? Why did you…?”

“That’s my name. So stop saying it incorrectly.” He huffed, touching his nose to hers. Sakura looked at him a moment then giggled, her smile wide and bright. “So you really did like the suffix…”

“No.” He kissed her again, shortly, sweetly, and softly, and she understood: you’re the only one who can call me Sasuke-kun.

sharpen your teeth; for sasusaku month

summary: he didn’t leave her on the bench. (part one)
rating: m
a/n: the obligatory “but guys what if he took her with him” two shot. first prompt for sasusaku month hell yea fuckin right. proofread by admin miso gosh ily bae. 

prompt: phobia

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Ripped clothes- Encounter

Pairing: Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura

NOTE: This is set before Sasuke joined the war as an ally. 

“This is ridiculous.” Haruno Sakura muttered softly but she supposed situations like this were expected. It was a war not a training exercise and she needed to be prepared. She shifted her weight from left to right as she sensed an approaching charka. Sakura quickly armed herself with a kunai and got on her guard.

Everything that happened after was one big blur. The only thing Sakura was sure about was the ripping sound of fabric being torn apart by the enemy.  

“You son of a bitch!” Sakura bellowed before burying a charka charged fist into the enemy sending them to the heavens. An awkward silence then hovered over the atmosphere as the sliced fabric pooled at Sakura’s feet.

“Shannaro.” Sakura muttered darkly hanging her head. There was nothing more embarrassing than having a top sliced in two because of her foolishness.   

“Sakura.” A voice called out. Sakura’s head flew up and her eyes locked on a brooding figure in the background.

“Sasuke-kun!” Sakura squealed out. She could feel the heat rushing to her ears. Out of all the times she wanted to see him and he had to choose now. It didn’t even cross her mind to ask herself why he was even here in the first place.

Sasuke watched his ex-teammate carefully. There was something off about her atmosphere today and she seemed to be shielding herself from him. Did she finally come to her senses and begin to fear him?

“You just stay right where you are!” Sakura shouted lowering her head again, “Don’t you dare move!”

Sasuke wanted to smirk at her suddenly gusty nature but he was sure it was only going to be short lived. He began to move out of the shadows. Sasuke wanted to see her expression.

“I told you not to move damn it!” Sakura shrieked again, “If you even take one more step Sauske-kun I will never forgive you.”

Sasuke felt a vein twitched. Sakura was ordering him around! “You really can’t change Sakura.” Sasuke replied. He clicked his tongue and moved forward despite her warning.

Sakura let out a scream and slammed her foot into the ground creating a trembling quake. The earth split apart and Sasuke leapt up into the air to avoid damage. As he soared for a few seconds, he saw why Sakura didn’t want him looking at her; she wasn’t wearing her top.

Sakura quickly covered her arms over her chest and shielded herself from wandering eyes. Out of all the people why did Sasuke-kun have to be the one to see her in such an embarrassing situation?! Why did Sasuke-kun have to see her wearing her bra!

She heard Sasuke land not too far from her and trembled. She gasped out and muttered for him to hear, “You never change Sasuke-kun.” She said softly, “You never listen for your own good.”

Suddenly, a white material landed on her head. Sakura peaked out of the corner of the eye saw Sasuke had his back turned and was missing his top.

“Sasuke-kun…you…” Sakura muttered softly.

“Just put it on already.” Sasuke muttered. He seemed embarrassed from the situation.

Sakura slipped her hands into the sleeves and pulled the material close to her frame.

“Thank you.” Sakura said softly. She didn’t get a reply so she quickly turned around and realized he was gone. Sakura sighed. Of course he wasn’t going to sit around. Sasuke had better things to do that see her undeveloped body. She ran her hands over her chest and realized that something had dripped on the material. Sakura looked down and gasped at the red drops of blood that was staining its mark on the clothes.

“But why…?” Sakura asked aloud, “Was Sasuke-kun injured?” She shook off the uneasy feeling and began to walk away.

In the distance, Sasuke stood watching her with his hand still covering his nose as thin lines of blood seeped between his fingers.

“Damn you Sakura.” Sasuke muttered.

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 NOTE: More to come maybe….