Both SSDP and LEAP are incredibly important advocation organizations.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy has local chapters on campuses across the country, find out more about them at and get involved!

If you or someone you know has served as a member of law enforcement but also supports legalization, check out Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. They have members that can come speak at your events regarding the waste of resources that is the war on drugs. Find out more at

We have so many groups advocating legal change, join and support those you identify with, it helps the world to get to know exactly who is asking for legalization. Students, future professionals, and law enforcement young and old are ready for the new age of drug policy.

We did it, folks!

Connecticut’s Senate and House have successfully passed the Medical Marijuana bill!

All that stands in the way of this bill and it coming into law is a signature from Gov. Dan Malloy, which is all but guaranteed.

UConn SSDP did a lot of work, along with CT NORML, A Better Way Foundation, ACLU, and LEAP to help this bill along the way. Congrats to everyone who made this a reality, times are a’changin and we’re at the forefront of the movement.


The organization I’m in SSDP ( will be having a concert/rally to enjoy good music and have public speakers talk about why the war on drugs needs to end. If you happen to be around the area I highly recommend showing up. IT IS A FREE EVENT!!! 

All we ask is for you to show up and have a great time. 

Here’s the link for the event: 

Sexy Pizza Launches “SSDPizza” in Denver | Dare Generation Diary

Sexy Pizza, winner of the 2012 Westword Reader’s Choice Award for Best Pizza, with two locations in Denver, CO, has created the “SSDPizza,” which will benefit Students for Sensible Drug Policy. The traditional New York style pizza is topped with spinach, olive oil, fresh garlic, ricotta, feta, and mozzarella. In supporting the efforts of the student movement to end the war on drugs, Sexy Pizza will donate $1 from the purchase of each “SSDPizza” to their organization.

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"We all know that kid in our politics class who sounds like a Kennedy-in-training. This smug over-achiever loves to talk about where he/she has interned, has a ten year plan, makes at least three self-righteous comments per class, and might even give you a little wink while shaking your hand (using two hands, naturally).

Alec Foster, sophomore, is not that kind of politically active student. He’s the type of person who can talk about politics and making change at NYU without inducing spontaneous eye rolls and vomiting. NYU Local says – Foster for Office by 2020.”

Read more: NYU’s Future Most Notable Alumni: Alec Foster, Leader Of Students For Sensible Drug Policy · NYU Local
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Slightly Stoopid joins Students for Sensible Drug Policy (@SSDP) to AMPLIFY Your Activism #SeedlessSummer

We’re proud to announce the AMPLIFY Your Activism Contest! We’ve teamed up with our friends and supporters  Students For Sensible Drug Policy to give you the chance to win tickets to the Seedless Summer 2011 Tour. The Grand Prize includes 2 VIP tickets to a Slightly Stoopid show of your choice* and lots of other awesome swag like a poster signed by Stoopid’s band members, SSDP t-shirts and a $100 gift card for Seedless Clothing. Everyone who enters will also have a shot at winning a 2 regular tickets to a show near you and lots of other cool stuff.


Entering the contest is simple:

  1. Visit the contest entry form here and then “like” the SSDP page. 
  2. Then enter in your information and hit “sign me up!”
    *This will sign you up for both SSDP’s and Sightly Stoopid’s email lists


All festival tickets are excluded from the contest.
Contest ends on July 15.
Tickets are subject to availability and prizes subject to change.

Click here for a full list of Slightly Stoopid’s tour dates! At almost every show, you’ll find SSDP members tabling and spreading the word about drug policy reform through their AMPLIFY project.

Hey everyone, I have started the first New Zealand chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. We aim to reduce the harms of drug abuse, recognising that the worldwide War on Drugs has detrimental impacts on individuals, communities and nations. These impacts include economic costs, health costs as well as the unnecessary incarceration and deaths of hundreds of thousands worldwide. Drug abuse and addiction is a public health issue not a criminal justice issue and should be treated as such. I’d love for everyone to get on board, please spread the word, our first meeting will be in coming weeks :)

Many psychoactive drugs are used recreationally, particularly by young people. This use and its perceived dangers have led to many different classes of drugs being banned under national laws and international conventions. Indeed, the possession of cannabis, 3,4‑methylenedioxy‑N‑methylamphetamine (MDMA; also known as ecstasy) and psychedelics is stringently regulated. An important and unfortunate outcome of the controls placed on these and other psychoactive drugs is that they make research into their mechanisms of action and potential therapeutic uses — for example, in depression and post‑traumatic stress disorder — difficult and in many cases almost impossible.

Effects of Schedule I drug laws on neuroscience research and treatment innovation.

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