We’ve started a petition on, a leading & free online petition website, as a preemptive measure relating to Super Show 5 in North America.

We know that it is still quite early to be assuming Super Show 5 won’t come to North America and there are many lists floating around stating the US, specifically, is named as a country SS5 will visit, yet we can’t trust these until they are confirmed by SM themselves. 

We are starting this petition now, nice and early, so that if it turns out North America is not on an official SS5 list, we will have something ready to send to SM Entertainment immediately.

Please spread & share this petition so that we may be ready if we need it!

If it turns our Super Show 5 is confirmed to come here, we will simply close the petition and celebrate!

SM, what about North America?

While we are super excited  that ELF in South America and Europe get to enjoy a Super Show, fans here in North America are left standing bewildered, confused, and heart broken that SM did not mention a Super Show 5 for our neck of the woods.

We understand it is still early to be assuming that SM Entertainment is completely ignoring our entire continent, though we can’t say it’s that far fetched of an idea (considering for Super Show 4 they said they were coming to North America…and then never did).

However, we want to remain hopeful.  We also want to be active. We want to find ways to communicate to SM Entertainment that Super Junior fans exist in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the rest of North America. That’s why we created this blog, to communicate with other ELF and come up with ideas and take action to have our need for Super Show 5 heard.

We hope ELF will unite so that all fans can enjoy an evening with Super Junior! Send us your ideeeeeeas!