It’s so nice to be missed! Picking up the P’s in Minnesota allowed us to hang with the Schinzel fam once again and relay our previous adventures. We are forever grateful to them for hosting the P’s at Minnesota ‘summer camp.’ Frank buffed up, and had a summer romance with Ruby, the Lab. Lola is now quite adept at truffle hunting and earned a merit badge in barking. #proudparents


Magical Sedona, how can I thank thee? The pancake stack in the creek is a friend’s private vortex and natural artisan spring. We balanced our energies in the crystal clear water, so clear watercress was blooming on the edge of the banks. Wild blackberry shrubs and apple trees lined the rest of the property- just amazing. The above adorable cloud was floating above the top of the Mogollon rim just before sunset. Home state, you’re so beautiful!


After 7 days on the road and over 2,200 miles logged, the #srt8wst crew needed a chill day. We spent the morning laying around watching the Kardashians on TV and sitting on our patio. Not even ashamed. ;) When we finally did motivate, we managed to summit Mount Baldy by chairlift and gondola. All I wanted at the time was snow and a pair of skis, but it was gorgeous none the less.