1) You need a small circular piece of fabric (for example, the diameter of a glass) and four “patterns” like this:

2) The four patterns are sewn in this way:

 And the result sewns to the circular piece (red dotted line). 

(It has to be an area without sewing to turn it upside-down an insert the filling)

3) Turn it upside-down and insert the filling into the hole (in the photo we used lentils, but then we change it and used pieces of wadding. That’s more fluffy :P) 

You just need to draw and embroider the faces and customize them!

I hope it has been helpful :3 (and sorry for my horrible English xD)

This is my proposal picture for Xanadu Expomanga Contest 
You can see the complete gallery in this link:  Take a look and vote your favourite picture ^^

I wanted some time ago to draw something like style of Japanese prints and this has given me the opportunity :3
The draw was handmade and the colour added digitally. I used “Tree of Life” by Klimt to print the kimono. I really would have a kimono like this, haha x33